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In a previous article I wrote about the Met Gala 2012 I discussed the exhibit featuring Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.  The buzz continues around the exhibit and especially Schiap.  However, I wrote that article without fully understanding the fashion world’s innate attraction to this designer.

In an age where someone’s fifteen minutes of fame now only lasts fifteen seconds, I kept asking myself what was so important about this woman.  After reading everything I could Google about Schiap, it turns out she’s what Steve Jobs is to technology.  She’s what Starbucks is to coffee, what Picasso is to painting.  You can’t talk about fashion without referencing her.

What is so interesting about this woman is that for the first time she merged the idea of fashion and art.  In the height of the surrealist movement she found her inspiration in artists such as Man Ray and Salvador Dali.  Her rival, Coco Chanel, often referred to her as ‘that Italian artist who makes clothes’.  Her shocking pink, tear dress and shoe hat are only a few of her most famous designs.

By the end of 1954 Schiap closed the doors to her fashion house.  However Schiap is now on contemporary fashion’s radar once again.  Diego Della Valle purchased the brand in 2007 and plans to relaunch it in February 2013.  A head designer has still not been named but the Schiaparelli salon in Paris opened the first week in July.  The quirky elegant boutique is filled with bright colors, unusual furniture, art packed rooms, and chandeliers.  Basically, a fashion house on acid.  If this salon is a reflection of the type of clothes that will be coming out, I can’t wait to be happily surprised.

-Sara Freund

Dressing Room Horrors

Posted: May 5, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Trying on swimsuits sucks. The bad lighting, the not-yet-ready-for-summer body, the pasty white skin; it’s enough to make a woman never want to step food into a dressing room ever again.

But just in case you weren’t already convinced that trying on swimsuits is the worst, a recent study in the May issue of the journal Sex Roles, proves it. The study is based off of 102 female undergraduates’ answers to a survey regarding imagining themselves in different clothing, in different settings. The four scenarios included: trying on a swimsuit in a dressing room, wearing a swimsuit while walking down a beach, trying on jeans and a sweater in a dressing room, and wearing jeans and a sweater while walking down a beach.

The women’s answers were pretty standard: imagining wearing a swimsuit made women feel worse about their bodies than imagining wearing jeans and a sweater. Wearing a swimsuit in a dressing room, however, made women feel even worse about themselves, proving that self-objectification is an internal process and more damaging than public scenarios.

Although self-objectification is a personality trait that makes some women more likely to objectify themselves than others, there are certain situations, like trying on swimsuits, which can increase the feelings of poor body image, no matter what. Aside from the terribly harsh and bright lighting and numerous mirrors, the most harmful aspect of trying on swimsuits (or clothing in general) in stores is the amount of scrutiny and evaluation it permits (i.e., making sure everything fits correctly).

While self-objectification is almost impossible to prevent, it’s easier to handle if you don’t constantly compare your body to others’ and avoid scrutinizing your appearance in the mirror whenever faced with your own reflection – pay attention to the qualities of your body you like the most. Focusing on activities that emphasize the function of the body rather than the appearance, such as yoga, also helps put self-objectification on the backburner.

—Amber Brenza