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Five years ago when I was in my freshman year of college, I was terrified at the thought of gaining the “freshman 15.” Weight-gain in college seemed inevitable: I was surrounded with greasy dining hall food, well-stocked vending machines and copious amounts of alcohol at every turn of the head.

Miraculously, my weight didn’t skyrocket during my freshman year. Naively, I assumed that it was due to my self-control (refusing dining hall burgers and fries on a daily basis is no small feat). But a recent study provides a counter-argument for my self-praise. According to, the freshman 15 is really more like the freshman 5.

What’s more, freshman weight-gain may not be college-related, but more a result of becoming a young adult. A recent article by NPR highlights the reasons why many people put on the pounds as they get older. Aging causes muscles to break down, which in turn causes calories to be burned at a slower rate. (Just one more thing to look forward to, right?)


Midterms are finally over! And just in time to get completely shitfaced for Halloween. (Because we all know you’re thinking it.) But, don’t let that be the only form of celebration you give yourself after studying your ass off for the first big tests of the year (that is assuming you studied…).

Try treating yourself to some Chipotle or Pastabilities, get mani/pedi at Garbo’s, or how about just allow yourself to get a full night’s sleep–or, sleeping through that class you just took a midterm for–for some alternative ways of celebrating.

Now that the first quarter of the semester is over, here is a checklist you must have completed to ensure full success at the end of your semester:


How many times since its opening last year have you uttered the words, “Yeah, I’ll go to Chipotle with you…but I’m not getting anything?” Now, how many times have you actually stayed true to your word? Chances are, you haven’t. You end up being lured by the smell, the menu, and the fact that you know you’ll have to watch your friends enjoy their delicious burrito bowls as you sit there sipping on your complimentary water. So what do you do? You get a burrito.

Then comes decision time, round two: Do you keep eating or do you wrap it up and save it for later? Most of the time, whether it’s because we’re simply bored or because the food is just that good, we tend to keep eating. The gym can only do so much; it also takes the will power to put down whatever it is we’re eating and actually be content with doing so.


Chipotle: Coming Soon!

Posted: February 20, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Chipotle: Coming Soon!

For those who haven’t heard (or those who simply don’t care), the popular restaurant chain Chipotle will open its doors on Marshall Street in April of this year. It will replace King David’s Restaurant, strategically placing it in the center of the strip frequented by many a drunk student.

Fact: Chipotle is delicious.

Fact: The recent opening of a Chipotle location in DeWitt has generated some major buzz and bucks for the company that until very recently was owned by the McDonald’s Corporation.

Fact: Opening a location on the SU campus marks a brilliant marketing move by the company, who clearly understands that Marshall Street is prime real estate in the fast food industry.

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