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The first time I saw a graphic warning label on a cigarette pack was during a semester abroad in Chile two years ago.

A couple months ago a friend who’d studied in Chile with me mentioned the government was going to start requiring tobacco companies to include them on every pack produced. I hadn’t seen or heard about them prior to that, but it’s interesting that a federal judge blocked the requirement.

If passed, the Food and Drug Administration would have required tobacco companies to “put big new graphic warning labels on cigarette packages” by next September. The “proposed labels” used a variety of less-than-appealing “staged photos,” including those “of a corpse and of a man breathing smoke out of a tracheotomy hole in his neck.”


If you are up for the challenge, and you want some free pornography and pot, you could always get trapped in a mine in Chile for 69 days. I am sure you’ve heard about the 33 miners trapped 2,050 feet beneath rock back in August. The traumatic event really was no laughing matter, and the men survived a despite the lack of food, living space, and oxygen. Thankfully, all 33 men survived and were rescued by a steel capsule. They were medically treated and reunited with friends and family after the traumatic experience. Although the men are now seen as heroes by most, they are just like you and me.