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Not to double post on ya’ll, but this was necessary.  A few weeks ago, I spoke about my excitement for the release of Florence and the Machine’s second album “Ceremonials” and it was finally released on November 1.  

I have already listened to the album in its entirety several times.  “Ceremonials”  has the same F+TM feel as their debut album “Lungs,” but it seems to have a stronger sense of maturity.  The songs have a depth to them that isn’t as apparent on “Lungs.”


If you don’t know who Florence Welch is, her London-bred band Florence + the Machine, is responsible for the one-hit wonder “Dog Days are Over.”  Let me define what I mean by one-hit wonder.  One-hit wonder in the sense that the rest of the world, including yourself probably, has not been able to process the sheer brilliance that is her debut album “Lungs.” Shame on you for not listening to anything other than the Top 40.

Florence + the Machine’s sophomore album, “Ceremonials” is currently creeping through music headlines, with a set release date October 31.  F&TM have already personally leaked two of the singles from the album, “What The Water Gave Me,” and  last week’s, “Shake It Out.”