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This past Thursday, sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were interviewed on Philadelphia’s Morning News Program “Good Day” to talk about their newly launched clothing line at Sears. I’m sure you’ve all seen the awfully produced commercials by now. (Because the world can’t seem to get enough Kardashian).

As soon as the interview was over, news anchor Mike Jerrick was under the impression that the cameras had stopped rolling, asking “Can they still hear us?” He, along with co-anchor Sheinelle Jones, then began speaking in high pitched, nasally voices similar to the Kardashian sisters’ voices, while also poking fun at the girls’ apparent love of shoulder pads.

While the video is funny, all I can think is “What were Kourtney and Kim thinking after seeing this?” They couldn’t have been too happy, and I highly doubt that the next Dash store will break ground anywhere near Philadelphia.

-Julia Fuino

Model Coco Rocha recently tweeted,“The word ‘fashionista’ has lost all meaning (if it even had any to begin with).” I approvingly tweeted back #preachsista. According to urban dictionary, fashionista is defined as “a person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion.” In this day and age of fashion bloggers and reality TV star overload, it seems like everybody and their mother are trying to get their foot in the fashion door.

While some are genuinely stylish, others are just plain tacky. When reality TV stars like JWoww, DJ Pauly D and The Kardashians have actually been backed to start their own clothing linesthe term ‘fashionista’ becomes fuzzy. I know, I love the Kardashians too, but a line needs to be drawn.

While, yes, fashion is supposed to be a means of self-expression, celebrities from the likes of Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj have brought it to a new, extremely unnecessary level. Sure these “celebrities” are entertaining at a distance, but I wouldn’t exactly call the pom-pom shirt that Nicki Minaj donned during New York Fashion Week a wardrobe staple.

There’s only so much fugly we can take people! So please, do us a favor and stick to the over-dramatization that you’re used to and leave the fashion to those of us who actually know a thing or two.

-Taylor Bryant