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With ratings at an all-time low, Katie Couric has finally wised up and made the decision to leave her post as the anchor of CBS Evening News, a post which she has held for five years. Although Couric has yet to announce her departure, the Associated Press has received word from a network executive that she will not be renewing her contract, which expires in June.

Couric, following the lead of many of her colleagues, is said to be in negotiations for her own syndicated talk show debuting in 2012. Despite Couric’s poor ratings—third place behind NBC’s Brian Williams and ABC’s Diane Sawyer—she receives a whopping $15 million per year under her current contract with CBS.

When the anchor dramatically left Matt Lauer and The Today Show high and dry back in 2006, her aim was to turn the Evening News into an interview-style news platform. You may remember her now infamous interview with then Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the highlight of the 2008 election by far.

Naturally, once the hoopla died down following the classic Tina Fey/Amy Poehler SNL parody of that interview, Couric’s ratings began to plummet and the show reverted back to the same old, boring news broadcast audiences had grown tired of.

Once Couric confirms the news, there will be two things left for audiences to wait for in the aftermath of her departure: who gets the arduous task of becoming her replacement and which network will win the rights to her talk show?  Let the games begin.

-Dee Lockett

Will tonight really be a good night?

Will tonight really be a good night?

The 2010 Grammy Awards air tonight on CBS–tune in at 8 p.m. to watch all your favorite mainstream bands take home their gramophones.  One of the most popular categories, record of the year, contains a mix of country, alternative, and pop:


Kings of Leon-Use Somebody

Lady Gaga-Poker Face

Taylor Swift-You Belong With Me

Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling (more…)