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If you cannot help but squeal every time you look at a picture of an animal, like me, I think that The Animal Blog is right up your ally.

When I find myself grumpy, stressed, annoyed and pissed off (possible everyday), nothing cheers me up more than the face of a little puppy, panda, or giraffe.

This blog provides you with endless pictures of the cutest animals, both big and small, and I promise that it will make your day a little happier. Especially with all of this rainy, cold weather Syracuse has so kindly been offering us.

Feeling a little damper today? Click on the link and enjoy pages of the cutest animals you will ever see!

-Chelsey Perry

If you go to Syracuse, you likely have an extremely bad case of the Mondays this week. That may be because we are one of the only schools not to get off for President’s Day; so here is a picture of a cat made to look like Pikachu. I don’t really have much more to add to this, except if you can’t even crack a smile at this then, well, you’re just a heartless member of Team Rocket.

world's smartest cat, Cuty Boy

The wunderkind himself, Cuty Boy

Cuty Boy, a persian cat from Dubai, could kick your ass on the SATs.

His owners claim this feline phenom knows 8 languages (English, French, Arabic, Persian, and Gujarati, to name a few), and he’s a math wiz.

“I tested him in algebra, geometry, Pythagorean and square roots, and he was right every time,” Sahadevan Panicker, a mathematician at the Gulf Modern School, told India’s Khaleej Times.

Whether or not you believe in Cuty Boy, we can all enjoy his personal website–which comes complete with tacky Indian music and a welcoming message written by his owners to sound like Cuty Boy himself. In it, he warns:

“…please remember that I am not a cat and should not be treated like one. (more…)

Happy holidays, y’all!