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Photo credit: Katrina Tulloch

It’s not sex, drugs or alcohol…but it damn sure might as well be. The catfish at Alto Cinco is highly addictive. I used to think it was the Catfish Burrito that was so amazing. Then, I tried the Catfish Quesadilla, and realized that it was the catfish itself that was so wonderfully pleasurable to my taste buds.

It is the one item on the menu I have heard consistently praised by my fellow Alto aficionados. Add their infamous cornbread and delectable salad to the mix and it makes the burrito even more irresistible. It keeps us coming back despite the pain it causes our wallets.

They say we all remember our first time. Well, that applies to this tasty dish as well. Sound obsessive? Now you understand why it’s my vice. If you’re sitting there shaking your head in disbelief and you haven’t tried it, then I suggest you do. Then, we can talk.

Dining in? The Catfish Burrito is $12 and the Catfish Quesadilla is $11.50. My advice: order the chips and guac if you’re starving and dining with at least one other person. If you go for dinner with friends and you’re twenty-one or over, splurge on their German Riesling. Absolute perfection in a meal.

-Erin Elzo