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If you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering why I would choose to write about this topic, you clearly haven’t seen me. I stand at a whopping five-foot-one, so naturally, this information is completely interesting to me. A new study published in the Lancet Oncology suggests that the shorter a woman is, the less risk she has of having cancer. Thus, the taller the woman, the greater a chance of having cancer.

Now, there are obviously other risk factors, such as genetics and environment, etc., but height, according to this study, is also a key player. British researchers say that for every four inches of growth, a woman increases her risk by 16 percent. Specifically, the risk for developing breast cancer is increased by 17 percent, ovarian cancer 16 percent and cervical cancer by 19 percent.

-Julia Fuino

The Problem of Pollution

Posted: March 20, 2009 by darksenjo420 in Uncategorized
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A familiar sight for many Americans.

A familiar sight for many Americans.

There’s been something that has really been troubling me lately: Pollution. But this problem goes much deeper than it does with most people. There are many definitions of pollution, but the one that has the most supporters goes as follows, “Pollution is the occurrence of chemicals at above-normal levels in any particular component of the environment.” There is a broad range of things that fit “above-normal levels.” It’s scary, actually. As the world’s population keeps increasing, so urbanized areas. More than 76 percent of the developed world is urbanized and almost 40 percent of the developing world is as well. And as more areas become urbanized, they increase pollution too. (more…)