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I’m assuming you have all heard of camp, especially if you go to Syracuse.  Never would I have thought, though, to put my cup-stacking skills learned at summer camp to musical use.  Apparently, Erato did though.

Check out this video created by three singers of the Swedish girl group  Ebba Lovisa Anderson, Amanda Wikström and Petra Brohäll.  Robyn originally performs the song, “Call Your Girlfriend.” This unique cover is unlike any take on any other song I have other seen.  The singers use a childhood cup-stacking game to add percussion to their vocals and perfect harmonies.  This cover is also a very stripped-down version of the original, which includes many electronic tendencies and would be considered a dance song in my mind.  But, I love the cover nonetheless.

-Hayley Isaacson

It was February of this year when I first witnessed Childish Gambino. At that time he was just Donald Glover, a hilarious comic starring in the NBC sitcom “Community.” Not too much later, my friend posted a music video of Glover rapping on my Facebook wall in a song entitled, “Freaks and Geeks.”

Since the success of that single, the rapper/actor/singer has released five projects: “Sick Boi,” “Poindexter,” “I Am Just a Rapper,” “I am Just a Rapper 2,” “Culdesac” and EP”. Gambino is now signed to Glassnote Records and plans to release his first studio album titled “Camp,” on November 15

To preview his album, Gambino recently released the single “All the Shine.” The single highlights all of the criticism that Gambino has received and is almost a break in character from Gambino’s typical vulgar and superficial lyrics.

Although this track does show a new side of the multi-talented artist, it does not justify Gambino’s shortcomings as an artist. Gambino is simply not a rapper, but instead a very clever writer, as anyone would expect from someone with a degree in dramatic writing from NYU. The great comedian should keep his punch lines and one-liners on the television screen rather than infesting my otherwise immaculate Pandora stations.

-A.J. Allen