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Since Hedi Slimane left fashion in 2007, every few years there are whispers of his return. For what he brought to the industry, he iconized himself in less than a decade. Subsequently, he took his love for photography and made it his full-time creative outlet.

Slimane is someone who has vision because he laces everything he does with his character. When he started his online photography diary, HEDI SLIMANE DIARY, it became clear that it was still him. There is such ease in his transitions, from fashion to images, everything is seamless.

This week, his first West Coast solo exhibition, ‘California Song’ opened at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Slimane has often said that California, particularly Los Angeles, has greatly influenced him in his work. In his latest interview with the New York Times, he speaks of his first time in LA and feeling immediately at home. It only makes sense that his first exhibit would be a tribute to Cali: (more…)

On October 9, California passed legislation to prohibit tanning for individuals below the age of 18. The old law set the age at 14, and allowed teenagers between 15 and 17 to fake bake with their parent’s permission. This law is setting a new stage in tanning legislation considering the highest age limit in any state was 16.

The law has been issued because of the damage UV exposure has on skin. There is a strong correlation between the tanning bed fad and the rise of melanoma in young women. Considering the magnitude of this health hazard it is comforting to know that the state of California is taking a strong stance.

Despite the reasoning for the decision, the Indoor Tanning Association is simply seeing the effect it will have on their businesses since the under-18 crowd represents about five to 10 percent of their customers. Unfortunately, I doubt those over 18 will get the message.

What I don’t understand about tanning is the reasoning behind it. It is an aesthetic indulgence, yet its effects are entirely detrimental. At a time when people are more than ever obsessed with youth, with 20-year-olds using cell rejuvenating serums and Botox parties are no longer an exaggeration, I am confused about the success of this business.

Tanning causes aging and cancer, yet people can’t seem to get enough. If youth is so important, why not completely abandon tanning and just use all the amazing sunless tanning options? Then again, I guess tanning has never been an issue for me, but I’m genuinely asking, what is the appeal of the harmful tan?

-Nadjma Sako