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Lindsay Lohan's face in 1998.

Lindsay Lohan's face in 1998.

This week Americans read these apparently important headlines: Boy Trapped in Flying Saucer, Kanye West is Not Dead and WTF is Up With Lindsay Lohan’s Face? I learned from pop culture this week that subjects such as a celebrity’s face deserve as much coverage as the President’s press conference on health care.

Many “news” Web sites (or tabloid sites and blogs, I should say) wrote articles and produced photo slide shows that compared an older photo to a newer photo of Lindsay Lohan’s face. They questioned her new appearance, simply asking readers, “What happened?” No actual news accompanied this story –she just looked a bit different, so these sites reported that.

I became rather curious as to what really happened, so I thoroughly studied‘s 12-photo slide show that featured Lohan’s face through the years. Here is what I found:

The solution is rather simple. She’s older, she wears a lot of make-up -everything from bronzer to a generous amount of eyeliner and eye shadow- and her weight fluctuates. Of course Lohan’s face looks different than it looked when she played the lead in The Parent Trap in 1998. (more…)