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Comedian Ralphie May was approached by a cute pooch on October 4, in the Guam airport. Thinking the dog just really liked him, May pet the dog and did not walk away. Turns out, Fido was a customs dog, and Ralphie was a stoner. Yup! Ralphie May was caught with some tree.

Teen Queen Miley Cyrus was dissed last Saturday night on SNL by newbie Vanessa Bayer, who got her raspy voice, hyper confident, “pretty cools” down pat. Cyrus was made to look like a complete idiot, no doubt.

Real life teen mom Bristol Palin finally called it permanent quits with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston, who starred in a music video that unfairly dramatizes Sarah Palin’s disapproval of the teen’s relationship with her baby daddy. Well, if you haven’t guessed by now: Palin. Is. Pissed. Not to mention, how embarrassing is that!? If my boyfriend ever mocked out my family he’d be history! Whoever this singer is needs to pick up a couple of hours at her local Kmart and call it a day.

~Julia Fuino

Dancing With the Stars began its eleventh season last Monday. Though I wish I could comment on all the performances (no, not really), I’m only going to mention the ones that really stood out. First of all, Audrina Patridge did great. It’s really hard to hate the girl, even though we all want to because she’s gorgeous and has a body we can only dream about.

Anyway, The Situation’s performance was a huge letdown for me. I guess he has his reasons; he only had a few days to practice because of filming  Jersey Shore, which means he could be dealing with some sores in his pants.

As I was watching Brandy’s not-so-bad performance, I thought to myself, “How fucking awkward would it be if she and Kim Kardashian were in the same season?” Imagine: “Hey Brandy, did you catch my sex tape with your brother? Real hot. It’s why I’m here.”

Bristol Palin decided to take a stand against teen pregnancy. I really like Bristol, so I’m not going to say anything too awful, but seriously, the girl acts like she’s never seen a penis. That is all.

And then there’s this picture. It was Florence Henderson’s attempt at showing up the Situation’s washboard abs. Bad Mrs. Brady!

Florence Henderson Abs


David Hasselhoff, if you don’t know by now, was the first contestant voted off, which is grand. What kind of guy refers to himself in the third person?

~Julia Fuino

Dear Bristol Palin,

Celebrating my 20th birthday meant a few things: one more year until I’m legal, Syracuse beat Villanova in a historical NCAA basketball match-up, and I dodged the possibility of falling victim to teenage pregnancy.

There has been a surge of teenage pregnancy in popular culture throughout the past few years, like Ellen Page’s famous breakout role in Juno, MTV’s reality show “16 and Pregnant,” and ABC Family’s hit series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” While pop culture has a strong hold on this subject matter, I’ve been aware of your baby situation due to all of your media appearances.

Of all the appearances and publicity stints, this new Candies commercial really takes the cake. (more…)