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In the past five years, Abercrombie has been focused on overseas expansion. The specialty retailer is attempting to create an international presence comparable to its U.S. glory days.

In May, the company opened their first Parisian store on an enormous property on the Champs-Elysées. The opening was a huge spectacle marked by the presence of 100 shirtless male models (talk about brand identity). The entrance into the French market was expected to be incredibly lucrative and successful for the company. They are well-located and are banking on the renown and high traffic on the Champs to meet their margins.


Pride is supposedly the worst of the seven deadly sins—but really, who cares about pride when lust and gluttony dominate our media everyday. Rihanna recently received a lot of heat about the teaser for her controversial ads for Armani Jeans that debuted Oct. 6.

In case no one realized, she’s changed her image quite a bit since the start of her career—her and almost EVERY other celebrity. Some think she may be overdoing the S&M and sex appeal thing. Personally, I’m indifferent. It’s her right to do what she wants. Yes, there is the flipside. You could argue that she is a role model, but I’m pretty sure we’ve heard this little song and dance enough times to beat our heads against the wall.


Last Wednesday, the final leg of fashion week began in Paris. Already, there have been amazing showings, particularly from Balenciaga and Haider Ackermann. There are still many more highly anticipated shows to come (Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, to name a few).

Every fashion week, designers make decisions on how to best showcase their collections, and at times those choices are made because of costs and budgets. Fashion shows including the full production of music, runways and large seating areas, are the most expensive. Established, aka wealthy fashion houses, almost always utilize this option because it allows more room for press, editors and buyers. Other show options include presentations or photo shoots.

The whole point of having a fashion show is not only to showcase the garments, but also to create or help pronounce brand identity through music and décor. Everything about the fashion show is to make the collection and brand look as appealing as possible. With that in mind, many designers navigate safe water in an attempt to either present a sober idea in a clean, concise show. However, there have always been designers who believe in showmanship.


The Kardashians need to go away. From shoes and jewelry to Sketcher’s Shape Ups and diet pills, the Kardashian name appears to be smacked onto any and every product nowadays. The question is why? Aside from their ability to look pretty and get endorsements, they haven’t contributed much else to the world. In fact, I did some searching to find out what exactly they have their names attached to and here is what I discovered.

Kim Kardashian has an at-home laser hair removal product called Tria Beauty, the family has their own self tanner called Kardashian Glamour Tan, and money loving Kim even endorsed Charmin at their Times Square public bathroom opening. Enough already!

The next step on their conquest of every product ever sold, is a collection called Kardashian Kolors Nicole for OPI. The colors are exceptionally ordinary, but with names like “Listen to your Momager!” and “Follow Me on Glitter,” you know tons of poor celebrity hungry people are going to feed into this. Newsflash to all of you thinking their taupe color is “original,” it’s been out for years. Not to mention their glittery lacquers are just tacky. Please, don’t play into these celebrity products; they definitely don’t need the extra money.

-Victoria Troxler