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Posted: October 23, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Hey Jerks, happy midterm week! Just kidding, midterms suck. For fans of Bon Iver and a penchant to procrastinate, may I present Bon Iver Erotica:

I’m at the farmer’s market with Bon Iver. We can’t decide which artisan cheese we like the most! We propped our bicycles against a bush and made love by the creek and then had raspberry pie.

As soon as the sunshower began, Bon Iver and I went outside in search of a rainbow. ‘I found it!’ he exclaimed, but all I saw was empty sky. ‘It’s you, baby. You bring all the color to my world!’

This tumblr features short, fictional stories about the antics of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) at his cabin in the woods, akin to the myriad of Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ memes that have flooded the internet. If you play ‘Holocene’ in the background, it feels like you’re really there!

-Mikala Stubley

We’re midway through the fall season with winter right around the corner, and there is no better soundtrack for this particular time of year than Bon Iver. This exquisite track can be found on Bon Iver’s sophomore self-titled album, which is guaranteed to land on a number of “Album of the Year” lists.

This is a live performance of “Towers” from Bon Iver’s recent appearance on British television show “Later… With Jools Holland.” If you thought the recorded version of the song was gorgeous, prepare to be blown away.

-Dee Lockett

By Katie Allyn

Jerk caught up with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon at his Montreal show with Black Mountain. Vernon gave us the scoop on the tour, future Bon Iver albums, and even reminisced in the ol’ bygone days growing up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


JERK: So how’s the tour been going?

JUSTIN VERNON: Really good. It’s been a blast. The Black Mountain people are so, so nice. And I love their music too, so that really helps.

JERK: First off—I noticed you have another track on iTunes that’s not on the album. What’s with that?

JV: Oh yeah, they asked for an extra track. It’s one of those iTunes exclusive tracks. But that’s just a song that didn’t make it on the record, so I kind of fiddled with it since they wanted something on there.

JERK: Was that also recorded at the cabin?

JV: Yep, yep completely up there. Recorded up there.

JERK: Do you get sick of your songs at all while on tour?

JV: Ah not yet, probably will soon… I’ve grown tired of songs quicker before in my history, but I’m not sick of them yet. We’re going to constantly build, build the members and build the band, so I think that will keep it new and fresh, you know? And I have a lot of fun playing them, you know, so I’m happy.

JERK: I also wanted to know some more about your musical background. What sorts of things did you do growing up in high school?

JV: I was in like music programs in high school, jazz band, marching band, or concert band. I played baritone saxophone. I played in bands and wrote songs and stuff. It was sort an amateur thing, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had with life building experiences. Especially with people that I was there with. A lot of those people I went on to make music with for like a decade. It was very building and very integral in the way I was brought up.

JERK: That’s interesting, because one thing I’ve been wondering after listening to your music is whether or not you have a choral background.

JV: I haven’t, I have not actually.

JERK: That’s surprising.

JV: I was the only member of my bands that didn’t take choir originally. I always felt like “you know what I feel like I know what I’m doing already.” At least every time I heard somebody go into a choral program, I thought it always changed someone’s like natural voice. But as you’ve probably guessed, very recently I’ve gotten into the sounds of just the voice in general, like very western choral kind of music.

JERK: Any in particular?

JV: Um, actually a lot of boys choirs. Like the Harlem boys choir, the Vienna Boys Choir. They just have this sound of, I guess like angels… It sounds kind of weird but it’s just like boys’ voices, not girls’ voices, you know what I mean? It’s sort of like this washed up beauty that I just don’t think you can get very easily anywhere else, and I’ve just been listening to a lot of that stuff the past couple of weeks.

JERK: I had actually been thinking, especially when I listen to your song called “The Wolves,” that your music would suit an a capella group really well.

JV: Oh man, I think I would like die if somebody did an arrangement of that!

JERK: Yeah I’d love to see something like that.

JV: Yeah, I’d love to too.

Bon Iver – at La Sala Rossa in Montreal – 2/29/2008 (Photos by Megan Saucke)