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Ok, I know I might feel the wrath of the Jerks for dissing Lady Gaga, but I’m doing it anyways. As a devoted fashion lover, I think her style is brilliant and witty MOST of the time. Recently her fashion stunts have gone a little too far and are not longer verging on tacky, they are tacky. It’s as if she has run out of fashion stunts to pull.  Once you show up to an awards show in a womb, how much can you really push the limits? Well this weekend at a MTV Video Music Aid Japan event Gaga tried to top the womb.

Gaga took the term eye makeup to a whole new level when she arrived with her jarring eyeshadow resembling an actual eye. Really, Gaga? We all know everything she does is over the top, but her style choices leading up to her recent moves have maintained an element of couture. Eye eyeshadow is taking things to a far too literal point-of-view, and let’s not forget that fugly hat she’s wearing too.