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Sup, Jerks! This week’s ‘Artist You Should Know’ is Matthew Dear, a producer/DJ/experimental pop artist. With five labels, six solo albums, several stage names, and an even vaster catalogue of remixes – Dear is an artist with a considerably long music resume. On tour (with the likes of Hot Chip and Interpol) he plays both house sets and alongside live bands. Fans of Brian Eno, David Byrne, David Bowie, and their various respective musical endeavors (aren’t they always producing or collaborating on each other’s albums?) will appreciate Dear’s sound.

He put out an EP in mid-January and a full-length album at the end of August, check it out!

Matthew Dear- ‘Her Fantasy’, from the album ‘Beams’

In the Middle (I Met You There)’, from the EP ‘Headcage’

-Mikala Stubley

Hey Jerks! This week’s ‘Artist You Should Know’ is Sun Airway, a melodic synth band orchestrated by John Barthmus (formerly of the A-sides). They just released their newest album, ‘Soft Fall’, early last week. In line with the album title, it’s the perfect soundtrack to your fall.

Barthmus ruminates on the title track for the album:

“…the song soft fall is meant to most literally describe the universe that the rest of the album exists in. People floating around, disappearing and reappearing, melting down into liquids, fading in and out of focus.”

The description reflects Sun Airway’s sound in general – ethereal, dreamy synth cut through with unexpected elements like nostalgic lyrics and full string arrangements. Not all of ‘Soft Fall’ is in dreamland, though. The single “Close” is lyric-heavy and drum driven, with a few lines poking fun at teenage poetry. Definitely worth checking out!

– Mikala Stubley

Meet the Bloggers: Mikala Stubley

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Hey Jerks! My name is Mikala Stubley, and I’ll be your resident music blogger, bringing you info about all things indie both on and off the SU campus. Here’s a little about me:

Year and Major: I am a Junior Geography Major
Hometown: Ilion, NY
Most Embarrassing Moment:Too many to list!
Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With:  I once asked a friend to fake a broken leg in order to get out of a disastrous date (complete with “phone call” from my friend saying she fell down the stairs and I had to come home immediately to take her to the hospital). I didn’t play it off very well because I was laughing the whole time, but the guy actually bought it after I sent him a picture of a taped-up foot.

Movie I Could Watch Over and Over: Pulp Fiction

Tweet me at @mikalastubley with questions, comments, concerns (you know the drill).

Meet the Bloggers: Sophia Kim

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Hey, Jerks! I’m Sophia Kim, and I’ll be bringing you the latest news in music and concerts! I can’t wait to start posting, but let me tell you a little bit about myself first!
Major/Minor: International Relations/Economics/Global Security Studies
Year: 2014
Hometown: Queens, NY 
Most Embarrassing Moment: When I  broke a window after I took a golf swing under the supervision of my golf coach… He said, “You never cease to surprise me, Sophia Kim.” 
Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With: I have told someone that I don’t speak English so they’d leave me alone. 
A movie you could watch over and over again: The Devil Wears Prada! I love Anne Hathaway and the movie always reminds me of home since it takes place in NYC!
Feel free to follow me on Twitter @skimilks. Contact me with suggestions, comments or any remarks!

If there’s any campus that knows how inspiring Dave Matthews Band can be, it’s Syracuse. DMB will be coming to campus on October 9th to sing as part of the One World Concert two-day event. Aside from the Dalai Lama, Dave Matthews is probably the next biggest figure that will fill the dome to capacity.

In 2010, the band didn’t do much touring because they had been touring for the past 15 to 20 years. For some of you freshman, that’s basically your entire lifetime. So it’s no surprise that the band has taken a break to create new music. In 2011, DMB came back to festivals, concert venues, and the world with their tunes and spirit we all know and love. But yes, they did show up a few places in 2010 but not as much as they usually do.

Now, in 2012, the band finally released their new album, Away From The World on iTunes. The album was available for a preview listen, which I was fortunate enough to experience. The traditional DMB sound and lyrics fill the album and shouldn’t disappoint any fan. The album is available for purchase on iTunes now, and is available for your listening pleasure on Spotify.

Hopefully we will also be hearing some of these songs at the One World Concert. I might be upset if we don’t… As Dave sings, “Mercy, will we overcome this? Oh, one by one could we turn it around? Baby, carry on just a little bit longer, and I’ll try to give you what you need.” I think that screams One World Concert right?

Tracks include:

Broken Things, Belly Belly Nice, Mercy, Gaucho, Sweet, The Riff, Belly Full, If Only, Rooftop, Snow Outside, Drunken Soldier

Take a listen and love it as much as I do! Comment and let me know your thoughts!

-Brooke Leone

Hey guys! My name is Brooke Leone and I’ll continue to update you with the latest album releases, songs of the week, and maybe a few playlists here and there. Not only do I love music, but fitness and TV are a must as well. Recently I’ve been watching Breaking Bad every single day.

Year/Major: I’m a double major in Writing and Religion as a Senior, which can be kind of scary at times.

Hometown: I’m originally from Rushville, New York and transferred to Syracuse as a Sophomore from Columbia College in Chicago.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Too embarrassed to tell

Biggest Lie I’ve Gotten Away With: We can’t always tell the truth can we?

Movie I could Watch Over and Over: I am always up to watch Sex and The City no matter how awfully made it is.

While following my stories on JERK, you can also see me on Twitter @Blleone33. Let me know if you’d like to see a certain band, genre, or whatever!

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I watched the full Opening Ceremony for this years Olympics and within those 4 ½ hours, amazing music was shared. From classics, to MIA, music was heard throughout the world and it was all from that country. It makes me wonder what our Opening Ceremony would be now if we based it around music. Bad thoughts come to my mind and hopefully we could at least pull the amazing artists together to form something similar to London’s opener.

Since I loved most of the music shared at the ceremony, I thought I’d share it with everyone else. Here is a list of the motivating, yet brilliant songs played.

The JamGoing Underground
The ClashLondon Calling
Vangelis Chariots of Fire
Rizzle Kicks – When I Was a Youngster
Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
The Who – My Generation
The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night
The Beatles – She Loves You
Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot
The Specials – A Message to You Rudy
David Bowie – Starman
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody 

Duran Duran – The Reflex
New Order – Blue Monday
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax
Soul II SoulBack To Life 

EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Underworld Born Slippy
Blur Song 2
Dizzee Rascal Bonkers
Mark Ronson & Amy WinehouseValerie 

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
Roll Deep – Shake a Leg
Oasis – The Hindu Times
Emeli Sande – Heaven
Pink Floyd – Eclipse
The Beatles – Hey Jude

-Brooke Leone