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Blake Mycoskie makes me want to become a better person. While on a trip to Argentina, this admirable entrepreneur visited impoverished children in villages where few had shoes. Mycoskie then had an epiphany: why not create a lightweight slip-on shoe with a breathable canvas top and leather insole for these children? Gee, sounds like an awesome idea. Although most people dream of changing the world in some significant way, Mycoskie actually put this thoughts to actions. He created a shoe company that would donate a pair of shoes to a child in need each time a pair was purchased.

And just like that, TOMS: Shoes for Tomorrow was born. Mycoskie never worked in fashion, but I gotta admit, TOMS are pretty freakin’ stylish. It’s no wonder why stores like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Bloomingdale’s ordered about 41,000 pairs from TOMS spring and summer collections. The great thing about TOMS is not only do they provide a pair to a child in need, they’re a snug fit for your foot and perfect no matter where you are– beach, city, hiking, etc. These incredible shoes have the ability to prevent soil-transmitted diseases, which penetrate through bare skin, prevent the infection of cuts/sores, and in some cases, allow children to attend school. Please, I encourage you all to purchase a pair of TOMS if you haven’t already; they’re worth every penny.

— Jeanine Guzman