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Tension is high over Initiative 26 (the Personhood Amendment) in Mississippi. Voters will cast their votes for or against this controversial amendment on Nov. 8.

If passed, the Mississippi Constitution will be amended to “define the word ‘person’ or ‘persons’ […] to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” Irin Carmon cited the ban on “common forms of birth control” as one of the potential effects of this amendment in her article for the online news site

An attack on the pill is not an attack on abortion, it’s an attack on a woman’s right to choose when she wants to have a child.  The claim by the Personhood movement of extremist pro-lifers is that the prevention of any eggs from being fertilized at all is equivalent to abortion.


Birth control: it can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies, ease those pre-menstrual pains, and clear up annoying acne. But if you were hoping it could help you pick out a man with movie star good looks and impressive sexual abilities, think again.

When not remedied by birth control, women’s hormones are all over the place, reaching their peak at menstruation.  In between fits of crying, screaming and craving something salty, women find themselves attracted to the “manliest” of men–muscles, facial hair, square jaws…you get the idea). These specific male characteristics pique a woman’s interest on the most primal of levels: breeding.

Instinctively, women often choose men with dissimilar pheromones and body structures to their own. These differences are beneficial to childbearing since two genetically different people will make a healthy baby, more often than not. Since the conception of birth control, however, women who are on the pill rely less on satisfying carnal instinct and more on finding a comfortable, long-term partner.


Plan B: For Women 17 and Up

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Plan B

Plan B

So the truth comes out, and politics is the reason for a delay in social justice yet again. Plan B, a form of emergency birth control available 72 hours after intercourse, has now been made legal for 17-year-olds to access over the counter.


Why has this legislation been modified, you may ask? And why now?

Well, Plan B should have been made available to 17-year-olds initially. (more…)