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Some people love Beyoncé. Some people hate her. I, for one, am pretty much a fan-girl for her, but for reasons other than the typical appreciation of her talent. I mean, look at her, she’s always composed and could be a total diva, but I’ve only ever heard positive things from fan interactions with her. I’m pretty sure I’d collapse if someone approached me and showed the slightest inkling of interest, but alas, I am not Beyoncé. I also own almost every Destiny’s Child album released in America, so I am a bit biased.

Destiny’s Child, or as I like to call them, The Terrific Trio, is releasing a compilation album on January 29th featuring their new track “Nuclear.” While the production seems bare at first listen, the track quickly grows on you, as it’s a more sophisticated sound for the group. It’s a different sound from their previous pop hits, but seriously, they’re in their thirties, they aren’t the ones clubbing every weekend and this song reflects that.

– Tenaysia Fox


Yes Jessica, you ripped off John Mellencamp and confused us all!!

Sometimes, we here at Jerk will turn on the radio and start bobbing our heads to one song, only to discover it is another. Damnit! Here is our tribute to songs that sound alike: the good, the bad and the WTF? (click on pop-out player to see the playlist).

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Will tonight really be a good night?

Will tonight really be a good night?

The 2010 Grammy Awards air tonight on CBS–tune in at 8 p.m. to watch all your favorite mainstream bands take home their gramophones.  One of the most popular categories, record of the year, contains a mix of country, alternative, and pop:


Kings of Leon-Use Somebody

Lady Gaga-Poker Face

Taylor Swift-You Belong With Me

Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling (more…)

What started as some ridiculous and unfortunate song used in a tryout on the new season of American Idol (insert groan here) from someone calling himself “The General” has turned into a full blown national obsession.  Think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” YouTube impersonations, only not nearly as entertaining or worth the time of day. 

Watch “The General” do his thing here.

First, NFL quarterback and professional waffle maker, Brett Favre, performed his take of the “song” after a playoff win in the team locker room(more…)

Within the vacuum of popular culture, the music industry has been responsible for some of the most skewed renderings of gay artistry.  The 70’s saw a piano-playing rocket man evading gay lyricism for corporate appeal.  The 80’s, age of the music video, gave way to an impending bathroom cruiser clad in booty jeans cooing “I want your sex” to Asian temptresses.  And the 90’s gave a gay boy bander a chance to get in synch with flocks of shrieking young girls, misleadingly waxing hetero on songs like “girlfriend.” Present day, we have a cutesy pop princess who thinks it’s totally awesome that she kissed a girl, and well, liked it.  Appropriation much?  Welcome to “gay pride” circa 2008.  

Amid the flirtation with gay or bisexual persona’s, à la Bowie, T.Rex and Madonna, there’s been an eclectic presence of musicians, both past and present, who’ve unabashedly addressed what it means to be queer with depth and style.  

Antony and the Johnsons 

Drenched in haunting chord structures and the tremolo-laden timbre of singer-songwriter Antony Hegarty’s, Antony and the Johnsons’ music explore themes of transgendered throes.  On “For Today I Am A Boy, off of the bands superlative I Am a Bird Now, Hegarty emotes: 

“One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful woman

One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful girl

But for today I am a child, for today I am a boy…” 

Melancholy’s never sounded so sweet.   (more…)