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Ladies: have you found yourselves in a (shall we say) “hairy” situation with your boyfriend? Are you finding the same old Brazilian as dull and bland? Fear not, for there is hope that will once again make your vadge sparkle. You may recall (as I don’t and therefore had to look up because I had an allegedly deprived childhood) the Bedazzler that allows you to add rhinestones to any piece of clothing or fabric. But, it’s 2010 and time to put fabrics aside and use your bare skin instead. Bedazzler+Vagina=Vajazzling.

There are somethings words really can’t describe, so take a look at this semi-NSFW video about the process (or jump to :30 for a really thorough explanation).


It feels like just yesterday I received my first invitation to be a zombie. What started with zombies multiplied into vampires, the mafia and (what I believe to be the most terrifying of all) a fish tank. In defense the few remaining humans in this monster-mobster driven world made witty statuses protested incoming requests. That is where it should have ended.

Every time you like something does not make you a Fan of it.  Sure, be a Fan of Dinosaur BBQ. But, let’s be honest: do you really need to publicly declare yourself a Facebook Fan of “You should be thanking me everyday I haven’t punched you in the face yet?”

Again, good to know how you’re feeling, but I don’t care. By the way, if you agree with me you should so totally become a Fan of “I’m not in a bad mood, you just annoy me.”

Here is a beginners guide about what is and is not acceptable to publicly be a fan of. (more…)

By this point in time, you’ve surely been acquainted with Apple’s new in devours in the female hygiene market with its latest in “game-changing” technology, the iPad. If you haven’t seen one yet, be sure to visit Apple’s website for images and videos. Or, if that’ too much work for you, grab a friend’s iPod Touch and look at it under a magnifying glass. Ta-da it’s the future! Yeah right. Go back into hibernation, Steve Jobs.

For us self-proclaimed Apple enthusiasts, there has been a lot of disappointment about the new iPad and Internet users have been quick to respond. From across the World Wide Web, I am proud to introduce you to the truth about the iPad, or, as many Twitter users like to refer to it, the “iTampon.”