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Who doesn’t love a good fail? It would seem that some paranoid individuals decided to report some people with flashlights out on a late night stroll.  That seems fair, they could’ve been up to no good, but what was going through the cops mind when he or she wrote the report? 

I don’t know whether to be more interested in what these people could be doing with flashlights other than shining them at things, or how being Canadian excuses you from engaging in suspicious activities.

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~Beckett Noyes

I don’t understand why Twilight exists.  It might have to do with the fact that I’m a guy (so I’m not exactly the target audience), that the take on vampire lore seems extremely flawed (they have glittery skin in the daylight… they can go out in daylight!), or maybe that Kristen Stewart feels the need to bite her lip every five seconds.  All I can say is that based on the trailer of Pattinson’s new movie, Remember Me,  Twilight’s epic fail might not be entirely his (and his stylist’s) fault. [YouTube]

~Beckett Noyes

Lady Gaga’s new video “Bad Romance” is ridiculous. I honestly couldn’t have expected anything less, especially since her crazies at the VMAs.

Was there a marketing and PR (don’t forget her costume designers) meeting early in her career when someone said, “Let’s make you as absurd as we possibly can?”  She seems to be popular enough, but I don’t know if its even remotely safe for the mental well being of little kids to watch her music videos.

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~Beckett Noyes

Here’s a shocker…writers make mistakes, or in this case, unintentional faux pas. Considering the 70 year history of Batman, something like this panel doesn’t seem too out of line given the thousands of words that have been written on the Dark Knight.

Having a sidekick means you’re going to come into physical contact with him (or her), but within the context of every other superhero in the scene being concerned over a women, this comes across as curiously homoerotic.

File this under unintentionally hilarious.

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~Beckett Noyes