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I am not a baseball fan, for only one reason. The games are way too damn long. I can sit through football, hockey, basketball and even soccer games, some of which are almost as long. I like the game of baseball, I like being at a real-live baseball game, and I like the beautiful players on baseball teams, but I can’t give up approximately 5 hours of my time (MLB reports a mere 2:45 minutes for a game…NOT) at once to watch a baseball game. America‚Äôs¬†pastime¬†has become my nap time.

Thus, I have come up with an array of solutions to be adopted by the MLB to make my viewing more enjoyable.

  • Literally cut the game in half. What is the real significance behind NINE whole innings? Five would be totally sufficient.
  • Switch up the commercials. I don‚Äôt know how many times I see the exact same commercials played in the exact same order during the breaks. Real games are fun during commercial breaks! There‚Äôs always something going on.
  • The 7th innning stretch. Erase it. Disband is. Just cut out anything that will force me to watch the repetitive ‚Äėpitch, swing, miss‚Äô or the occasional ‚Äėpitch, swing, hit‚Äô for longer.
  • Get rid of superfluous routines. Some of these players are just ridiculous. Stepping out of the box after every pitch and adjusting your gloves might help you hit the ball, but it will not help me stay awake. Take a tip from Nike and just do it already.

I can’t guarantee that if the MLB adopts these rules I’ll be more likely to watch the regular season games but I will be more likely to stay awake during the playoffs.

~Meghin Delaney

Team USA plays Venezuela this week in the semifinal round of the WBC.

Team USA plays Venezuela this week in the semifinal round of the WBC.

It was the bottom of the ninth and pressure had been mounting as the innings¬†drifted into the record books.¬† Team USA needed a comeback rally to avoid elimination from the World Baseball Classic, and when the Mets’ David Wright stepped into the batter’s box, the comeback was almost complete.

Puerto Rico’s pitchers worked themselves¬†into a bases-loaded jam and walked in a run to cut Team USA’s deficit to one.¬†¬†With one out,¬†Puerto Rico’s Fernando Cabrera delivered a low, cutting fastball to Wright. He looped it fair¬†down the first-base line, scoring two and sealing a spot in the semifinals for the United States.¬† Appropriately, a mob scene ensued at home plate.¬† To me, watching the highlights on ESPN, it was a taste of October baseball in the middle of March.¬† But was anybody actually watching when it all went down? (more…)

The latest casualty of baseballs steroid era.

The latest casualty of baseball's steroid era.

A little over a week ago, Alex Rodriguez¬†admitted to having used performance-enhancing substances ‚Äď a big¬†no-no in the¬†sports world, for those who don’t know.¬† Rodriguez, who has been a New York Yankee for the past five seasons, was pegged as the next “legitimate” home run king after Hank Aaron. Meanwhile, the current career¬†home run leader,¬†Barry “I¬†Didn’t¬†Do Nothing”¬†Bonds (whose skull grew about an inch in circumference while he played with the Giants), is about to stand trial against perjury charges stemming from his initial t√™te-√†-t√™te¬†with a Federal Grand Jury.¬† But, as I imagine is the case when one mixes¬†ice skating with uncoordinated offensive linemen ‚Äď the bigger they are, the harder they fall.¬† Not that I care too much about the fall guy, in this case.

I’ve been a Yankees fan since I was four, watching Yankee lifers like Don Mattingly and Bernie Williams in¬†my grandparents’ living room¬†with my grandpa.¬† So I can’t help but feel at least a little sympathy for¬†Rodriguez ‚Äď despite the¬†fact that¬†he’s overpaid and¬†chokes when it counts (yes, Red Sox fans,¬†we think so, too).¬† Regardless, Sports Illustrated’s little¬†“revelation” is further proof that the¬†baseball establishment¬†has taken a headfirst slide into the upturned cleats of corruption and greed.¬† If the man dubbed the next “true” hero of the game admits to wrongdoing in the name of inflated statistics, who can we trust? (more…)