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There seems to be a slightly brighter light at the end of the tunnel for those of us with student loans. On Friday June twenty ninth, Congress approved legislation that will affect most student’s lives for the next year.
With a 74-19 vote from our Senate and a 373-52 vote from our House of Representatives (which make up Congress, keep up with me here), there will no longer be an increase in federal subsidized loan interest rates for the next year.
WOO-HOO! Instead of your college loan interests increasing to a jaw dropping 6.8%, your interests will stay at a 3.4%, which doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Not only will this law affect Syracuse University undergraduates but it will also help 7.4 million other students who have Stafford loans.
President Barack Obama estimated that this law would help over 6 million students save an average 1,000 dollars in the next year.
Although this law will only be affective for the next year, Congress has already begun brainstorming ways to help keep this rate as low as possible when the law expires.
So as our President is working his ass off in office to try and help save your money from being taken right out of your pocket, try not to go spend all of your money at Chuck’s this weekend or at flip night Wednesday.
Being informed about your student loans will help you save in the future. We don’t want a bunch of poor SU alumni. That wouldn’t make us look so good.
-Chelsey Perry

And when I say Rory Gilmore, I don’t mean Alexis Bledel.

  • She secured a job at an online magazine on Barack Obama’s campaign trail
  • She sent out 75 resumes when looking for a job
  • She got into Harvard, then turned it down
  • She doesn’t need a boyfriend–she’s even more successful without Jess, Dean, or Logan
  • The entire town of Stars Hollow loves her so much they threw her a “Bon Voyage” party
  • We share a middle name (Loralei Lee Gilmore; Krystie Lee Yandoli)

Hello dear reader, sorry for the layoff between posts. A thousand pardons for pulling you away from the Huffington Post, but fret not I will be brief.

“We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history…Nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past.

Barack Obama on the torture memos (more…)

If anyone can do it, he can

If anyone can do it, he can

Well, it’s happening. We finally have a president who understands the intrinsically important value of our planet’s environmental well-being! WOO-HOO! Who’s with me?
We spoke, and for once they listened. President Obama signed the new economic recovery plan that, for the first time ever in American history, includes a huge investment in clean energy and green jobs. Is any one else peeing their pants and laughing giddily with excitement? (more…)

Keeley Hazell from Page 3

Made you look! Keeley Hazell from Page 3

I meant to spend some time this semester studying the British press coverage of the US elections in order to, y’know, learn something about my own country or some shit. It’s a pretty big deal here. The Guardian even has a two-page spread about the election every day. But I got sidetracked. It really doesn’t matter how the UK covers the US election. The Brits can’t vote, though they’re happy to say how they would. There are more relevant lessons for a media student…

I picked up on a few key differences between us, but if I’ve learned one thing in my studies, it’s that my print-journalism education is approximately fucking worthless in this country. You know why? Seven glorious words: Bare Tits On Page Three Every Day