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The Kardashians are fashion; they get it. You can tell this by the presence of Khloé on E!’s Fashion Police (the ultimate in fashion authorities), Kim’s constant presence at fashion shows and collaborative lines and now through their handbag collection. They’re untouchable.

Well, one of the funny things about being a deity in virtually all fashion design (shoes, bags, garments, accessories, you name it) is critique. Being at the top means you have a lot of haters.

One of my favorite segments on is the “Adventures in Copyright.” The staff will usually bring up copyright claims where lawsuits have been filed or simply just instances of intense ‘inspiration.’ This week, they noticed an incredible similarity between the new Kardashian bag collection and bags from other less notable brands like Balenciaga, YSL, Celine and Chanel. Obviously, the issue here is that these brands have been too intensely inspired by Kim and the gang.

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Last Wednesday, the final leg of fashion week began in Paris. Already, there have been amazing showings, particularly from Balenciaga and Haider Ackermann. There are still many more highly anticipated shows to come (Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, to name a few).

Every fashion week, designers make decisions on how to best showcase their collections, and at times those choices are made because of costs and budgets. Fashion shows including the full production of music, runways and large seating areas, are the most expensive. Established, aka wealthy fashion houses, almost always utilize this option because it allows more room for press, editors and buyers. Other show options include presentations or photo shoots.

The whole point of having a fashion show is not only to showcase the garments, but also to create or help pronounce brand identity through music and décor. Everything about the fashion show is to make the collection and brand look as appealing as possible. With that in mind, many designers navigate safe water in an attempt to either present a sober idea in a clean, concise show. However, there have always been designers who believe in showmanship.


Last Thursday in Paris, fashion week was fully under way. Balenciaga was the first order of the day, and what a start that was. Balenciaga is one of the most respected houses in fashion, period. And Nicolas Ghesquiere, who has been the genius behind the collections since 1997, is purely untouchable.

Usually, fashion darlings are newly emerging designers that press all the right buttons, and as a result, are beloved by the industry. Yet, Ghesquiere has been a fashion darling for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. His collections for Balenciaga have been tremendous commercial and critical successes. He does not seem to do any wrong.

He can get away with pretty much anything. That’s a good thing, because at Thursday’s Balenciaga show, the unthinkable happened. As the show was about to begin, guests started to hear cracks in their benches, and suddenly they collapsed. Imagine being in a room with Anna Wintour, Catherine Deneuve, Salma Hayek and Alexandra Shulman, and all of a sudden, you are flat on your ass.


Let’s be honest, Balenciaga can do no wrong. Nicolas Ghesquière’s fall collection blew everyone’s minds and set the stage for the return of soft colors, true construction, and a look into the future.

Balenciaga Spring 2011 Mod Dress

For spring, he has toned things down, but only in comparison. The collection is fully in the moment but unlike anything else. There is no sheer. The color palette is bold — no cutouts, no array of white. Instead, Ghesquière goes into the Balenciaga vault for signature shapes.

The entire collection is strong. Ghesquière wanted to “show the masculine side of every woman.” This is not a new concept, especially with the wave of androgyny  that befell the fashion world a few years ago. But it is new for Balenciaga. Also, unlike in recent seasons, there is a reconnection with the street. The garments coming down the runway can easily be worn for everyday.

There were many positives to the show, but I left with one obsession. Those leather vests and jackets rocked my world. Literally. Jackets are more Rick Owens or Balmain territory, but Balenciaga’s spring rendition really did it for me. That first one, the blue python vest with leather shoulders, gorgeous. And then they kept on coming in different colors. Then came the perfect black leather jacket, jizzzzz.

Balienciaga Spring 2011 Leather Jacket

I’m not usually a Balenciaga girl, but I’m definitely sold. I’m saving up as we speak; maybe I can buy a zipper.

~Nadjma Sako