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For those of us that classify ourselves as “gullible,” April Fool’s Day has the potential to be one of the most infuriating and frustrating days of the year. Half the day is spent acting as Nancy Drew, searching for missing belongings in unsuspecting places. For all of you April Fool’s prank creators, perhaps this video will serve as inspiration. And for those of us who will be pranked, perhaps this video will help you to keep other jokes and pranks in perspective.

Good luck, my gullible friends, and keep your designer clothes hidden, health and beauty products stowed away, and have your eyes and ears open all day and night this Friday, April 1! If and when you are pranked, remember to react in the most visceral way possible. After all, it’s the moment when the picture catches you screaming in horror that you will be able to look back on and enjoy forever!

-Jon Gregalis

You know you want to cozy up in a tauntaun sleeping bag too...

You know you want to cozy up in a tauntaun sleeping bag too...

Originally an April Fools joke from ThinkGeek, there was so much demand for the real thing that they actually made it. I doubt it was hard to get permission from George Lucas’s people considering they’ll make just about anything it seems.

Oh yeah, and for anyone who doesn’t pay attention to all things awesome, a tauntaun is a native creature on Hoth. If you still don’t understand, watch The Empire Strikes Back: (more…)