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The fuss over the iPhone 5 is everywhere. While someone people are madly in love with it, others are more critical and don’t see the point. As Jimmy Kimmel’s experiment will show you, some people even have no idea what the difference is, but still love it, just to fit into the Apple crowd. One thing’s for sure, the iPhone is different. And as a tech blogger, it’s a must-cover topic. The 5 is taller, wider, and probably harder, better, faster, stronger.

First off, the size. The iPhone 5 packs a 4″ screen, an upgrade from the 3.5″ that Steve Jobs had initially presented years ago. This goes a long way when it comes to day to day use. It’s the same width as the previous phones, and just a little taller. So it’s still quite familiar to the veteran iPhone user, but allows a fresh breath of air as you hold something new in your hand. According to user reviews, it’s still ‘small’ enough that one hand use is convenient for any thumb.

Dock: Lightning
The dock is one of the biggest physical changes with many internal impacts. The ‘Lightening’ takes up less space in the overall physical frame of the phone, space which is saved up for other internal hardware and ultimately creating less weight. I personally don’t love the fact that my old iPhone chargers will become obsolete once I order one of these bad boys, but eh, it’s a good change for Apple and a solution that can be solved by an extra $30 for a second charger. According to Engadget, while the old adapter took five minutes and 6 second to downloaded 5.5 gigabytes of information from the 4S, the Lightening adapter took three minutes and 57 seconds from an iPhone 5.

Internally, the iPhone 5 has the new A6 processor chip which makes it twice as fast as the 4S. Geekbench has calculated that this creates a total of 1 gigabyte of RAM. If you’re an average laptop user, your laptop will most likely have 4 gigabytes of RAM, making your iPhone an impressive 1/4 as fast as your freakin’ computer. There are a lot more internal technicalities that are not as interesting to read about. One thing though, is the addition of LTE, which makes the wireless connection on your new iPhone 5 faster. While this technology has been around in other phones, it’s definitely a great addition to the 5.

While I can’t wait to see and test this for myself, the screen of the iPhone 5 is said to be fantastic. The 4S already had one of the best screens on the competitive market,  and the new screen made things just a little better. One argument against iPhones, and similarly iPads, has always been the screen’s weakness out in sunlight. By having less layers in the construction of the iPhone screen, this makes the screen more powerful outdoors.

The front camera on the iPhone 5 takes the spotlight as it is improved from a regular VGA to a 1.2 megapixel badass for FaceTiming and Skype. While some users don’t really turn on the front camera except for the white-girl-wasted party photos, for those of us who actually use Skype often, this is a huge improvement. The back camera is essentially the same. With the new A6 chip within the phone comes a faster shutter speed which competes with other competitors such as the Galaxy Nexus. An additional feature is the Panorama mode, which is a built in Panorama software for your camera. Just hold the phone up, and go from left to right to capture a 11,000 x 2,500 pixel image. Let the new Facebook and Instagram photos begin.

Overall? Apple kept it’s promise. The iPhone 5 is two times faster, better display, better battery life, and a new and slightly improved design. I personally love the fact that it’s a 4”. The extra .5” will go a long way. For now, I have to enjoy my cracked iPhone 4S. The poor thing is due for a replacing. It’s fallen in puddles, a toilet right after urinating in it,  (held my breath, dunked my hand in, and picked it right out), fallen down stairs, and much more.

No matter what you opinion is, I’m personally very excited. And for those of you out there who don’t even know the difference, go buy a Nokia.

-Can Cakmak

Tablets Gone Wild

Posted: June 29, 2012 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech
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I remember the day Steve Jobs stepped up on stage and announced the iPhone. It was unbelievable. It wasn’t so much the technology that was impressive, needless to say it was, but it was the whole presentation and the amount of thought put into the user, not just the phone. Then the iPhone 4 came out. It had a camera at the front – Steve Jobs set on a comfortable couch and demonstrated FaceTime. I looked at my mom’s Nokia phone, which at this point was about three years old. There was a tiny square at the front of the phone. It was a camera, and I pointed it out and asked my mom if she ever used the front facing camera on her phone. “What front facing camera?”, she asked.

Apple wasn’t necessarily making up new technology as they went along. They were selling a service, an experience, something that people would feel like they needed in their day to day lives. If you’re interested in why Apple, and other similar brands, have become so successful, you might want to check out Start With Why by Simon Sinek. It’s a really simple read and quite cheap to order from Amazon.

Exactly a week ago, Apple had its June Keynote and announced a few new things. I’m always amazed by how far ahead Apple seems to be. Even their ‘campus’ where all their innovation happens is so secretive. In fact, they are actually in the planning stages of moving to a new location. Check it out, it’s just as sexy as all their products.

So with all this Apple build up, I decided to write about… the new Surface tablet by Microsoft! Yay! All the new Apple announcements are covered extensively all over the web, you have more than enough information about it at your fingertips. If you’re super lazy and don’t want to type “apple june keynote highlights” into Google, then here.

Remember the Zune? The brand was completely terminated by Microsoft last fall. The Zune is a failed competitor to the iPod. Back in the day Microsoft was playing catch up with Apple’s innovations and produced the Zune in hopes of taking on part of the market and failed. But Microsoft isn’t one of the biggest companies in the world for no reason. Today, it announced the Surface, the competitor to the iPad. The Surface is a personal computer tablet that will run Windows 8. It is the first product that has been designed directly by Microsoft, something Apple has been doing since its beginnings. The Surface is packed with features that you would expect, including a HD touch screen, front and rear cameras, thin and light design, and the rest. It comes with design features such as an unfolding protective cover that doubles as a keyboard, a touch pen that clicks into the device, and a built-in kickstand.

I’m not going to lie, it looks kinda cool. Last quarter, the Windows devision of the company alone recorded $4.6 billion in sales, “$3 billion of which was pure profit”. It holds the 6th place for the highest profit margin in the Fortune 500 List. Microsoft isn’t one of the biggest companies in the world for no reason… I’m really curious to see how successful the Surface becomes. Check it out yourself, and we’ll make sure to you keep up to date with it.

-Can Cakmak

Normal Addiction: Siri

Posted: October 22, 2011 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech
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Please, give me another reason to be unhealthily attached to my cell phone. The newest model of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S—guess they didn’t make enough changes to call it the iPhone 5—includes a virtual personal assistant named Siri. As a grad student, I can’t actually afford the latest Apple product–shocker–but based on what I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched, Siri seems freakishly human.

I’m having trouble deciding if that’s good or bad. Let’s be honest, whether we’d like to admit it or not, most of us are addicted to our cell phones. I’m not sure giving us another reason to be more lazy than we already are is such a good idea, but I’ll admit the new technology is definitely convenient and cool…just not cool enough for me to shell out $199. I’ll wait for the iPhone 5.

-Erin Elzo


I remember the day my dad and I went to buy my sister her first iPod.  It was for her eighth grade graduation (she has now graduated college to put things in perspective). I remember, back then, being so confused as to why she would want an iPod. 10 years later, hand an iPad to a two-year-old, and I guarantee you they will know how to operate it.

I can’t imagine the world today without the invention of iPods and iTunes.  What was the music industry before it went digital?  Of course, there were several MP3 players on the market before the iPod took off, but there was nothing as innovative.  For the first time, music was truly portable.  No more cassette tapes, CDs, or even Walkmans.

It wasn’t simply the introduction of the iPod that revolutionized the music industry, but also the launch of iTunes. It was iTunes that paved the way for hundreds of other digital music outlets.  Since then, we’ve seen the launch of YouTube, Soundcloud, and more recently, Spotify.  But everything always comes back to iTunes, the main threshold that holds every music file in its perfect library and playlists.  It’s almost ironic that as we bid a sad adieu to Steve Jobs, iTunes, too, is slowly beginning to die out.  When free music streaming is now as easily obtainable as snow in a Syracuse winter, why pay $1.29 for a song?

Even if iTunes has seen its better days, it will take a while for something to top the iPod/iPhone portable music player.  And for that, we say thanks, Steve.  Below is a remix by DJ Chuckie dedicated to Steve Jobs.  This song is sick, and a serious gift from me to you.  So be appreciative, and jam out.

-Hayley Isaacson

Give Me Some Noise for the iPad

Posted: February 23, 2010 by bmbartel in Uncategorized
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Ever since the release of the new iPad, one of the things that has come up lately on many sites is the music behind the pad.  What artists will be on the commercials?  Some artists have been on random videos for the iPad, but there has yet to be any commercial put up for television.

Many people are posting prediction about who they will choose to promote this new piece of technology.  When I was browsing through the web and looking through my music blogs, I noticed the blog called “Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good” had some awesome predictions.  They said on the keynote for iPad there were artists such as Muse, Spoon, the Decemberists, and Alicia Keys.   (more…)

The 5 Grossest iPhone Apps

Posted: December 14, 2009 by Katie in VAULT -- archives
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  • My Vibe

Literally transforms your iPhone into a vibrator. Ladies, be courteous and don’t let other people use your phone afterwards. They don’t want to put your sex toy against their cheek.

Cost: Free!

iphone vibrator app

Turn your iPhone into a vibrator for $0.