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Wired first published an article about the standoff between Mexican drug cartel Zetas and notorious hacking group Anonymous on Oct. 30, which escalated when the Zetas kidnapped a member of Anonymous. It then published additional information the following day that “Anonymous Mexico has reportedly cancelled attacks on the Zetas.”

Despite the update, I think an important aspect to note from both the article and sequential update is the power of social media and the Internet today. The controversy began when an Anonymous spokesperson uploaded a video on Oct. 6 stating that it would “reveal the photos, names and addresses of Zetas-affiliated cops and taxi drivers,” if the Zetas did not “release one of the group’s members.” The hacker collective “followed up its threat to the Zetas by defacing the website of former Tabasco state prosecutor Gustavo Rosario Torres” a few weeks later, denouncing him as a Zeta.”


Fresh Meat is here to blog all about her freshman year. But there’s a catch: it’s all anonymous. Think you can uncover Fresh Meat’s true identity? You’ll just have to keep on reading…

Name: Fresh Meat

Year: Freshman

Major: It’s a secret.

Hometown: Figure it out.

Three Celebrities I Love: Drew Barrymore, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg

One Lie I Got Away With: I don’t lie.

Random Fact: I’ve never blogged before.

Illustration by Dan Blaushild

“A yawn may not be polite, but at least it is an honest opinion”


“An attack on free speech anywhere is an attack on free speech everywhere.”