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The Bachelor is the new Real World

Posted: March 4, 2010 by pomsie in Uncategorized
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Once upon a time, MTV’s the Real World was a societal and pop culture icon.¬† Then it turned into¬†a sloppy, drunk, orgy for any bottom feeder trying to snatch their 15-minutes of fame. tells me the show is now¬†in it’s 23rd season in our nation’s capital.¬† How this has happened, baffles me to no end.¬† The last good season I can remember was Season 9: New Orleans¬†and that’s partly because I was in love with Danny.¬† Nevertheless, the show has continued and apparently has an audience with nothing better to do with their time.

This brings me to the¬†Bachelor on ABC.¬† Another show that might have been good once¬†with slightly desperate women bidding for the attention of the re-incarnation of Ken Barbie.¬† Now we have slutty, pathetic and flat out insulting represenatations of women throwing themselves at a guy they won’t end up marrying anyways.

So to Jake the Pilot and ABC: bleep off.¬† You’re no American Hero.

~Anne Pomeroy

Claire Danes and Jared Leto had a reunion the other day at some celebrity schmoozefest in London.¬† This makes me happy.¬† Except for Leto’s hair.

Now¬†I just hope¬†Jimmy Fallon’s attempts at a Saved by the Bell reunion succeed.

No I don’t count the People Magazine shoot as a reunion.¬† Screech and Mr. Belding weren’t even there!

~Anne Pomeroy

I probably should be ashamed to say so, but I still can’t get enough of the Tiger Woods drama.¬† I’ve been known to stand in line at the supermarket browsing for the latest scoop¬†(or¬†made up BS, you be the judge)¬†about the whole debacle since his little car accident turned into a major event.

In the spirit of his greatly anticipated press conference/public statement last Friday¬†let’s talk about the most patheticaly¬†exectued public apologies from the past year or so.

1)¬†Governor Sanford: The hiking trip that actually wasn’t, followed by the press conference, the emails and the gracefully pissed off wife.

2) Mark McGwire: Hulk like muscles.  Single season home run leader.  Lying under oath.  Forced apology at the hands of Bob Costas.  At least it got him a job.

3) U.S. Senator Ensign: I’m a family man supporting high morals and family values.¬† Oh wait.

4) Blagojevich: Did he actually apologize?¬† Who cares.¬† It’s all about the hair.

5) New York State Government: New Yorkers are still waiting for the apology.  In the meantime we have this.

~Anne Pomeroy

I don’t know about you folks, but I am extremely excited for the the 2010 Winter Olympics that started last Friday in Vancouver.

Some people are worried the unusually warm weather in Vancouver will impact the games. ¬†But I’m more concerned with the lycra ski suits, Apolo Anton Ohno’s soul patch, the Flying Tomato’s¬†attempts at a Double McTwist 1260 after slamming his face against the halfpipe in the Winter X Games and the fabulously bedazzled figure skating costumes of Johnny Weir. (more…)

For those who have been living under a rock (or maybe choosing to ignore the hype) for the past few days, the final season of “Lost” premiered Tuesday night on ABC.¬†

I feel like I’m stranded on my own deserted island.¬† All these people are talking, writing, emailing, twittering, you name it about the season premiere.¬† Any show that inspires people to post video responses to Youtube within minutes, must be good, right?

So in the name of my shame, here are three shows I wish I watched.