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Ever watched an episode of Jersey Shore? We all have, don’t deny it. Well, you have just joined Anderson Cooper’s exclusive Ridiculist Club. Last week during a broadcast of AC360°, Cooper went on a rampage against anyone and everyone who has ever paid Snooki to do anything. That includes breathing.

Two weeks ago it was announced that the entire cast of Jersey Shore would now be paid $100,000 per episode. According to Cooper, we are all at fault for this deplorable fact. “If you listen closely, you can hear school teachers around the country weeping right now,” he laments. Shame on us!

While I’m not quite ready to take the blame for Snooki’s pay raise, I am willing to bear some of the brunt for the stupidity of my state (yes, I’m a Jersey girl). It recently came to light that Rutgers, New Jersey’s largest university, will be paying Snooki a whopping $32,000 to speak about the struggles of keeping up the GTL lifestyle, presumably.

Now, universities pay celebrities big bucks to come speak at their schools all the time, so what makes this story such a big deal? Well, the problem here is that Rutgers is also paying Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison to speak at their Commencement in May. However, they are paying her $2000 less than the amount Snooki is receiving.

Cooper rightfully launched an attack against Rutgers in response to this inexcusable insult against Morrison, comparing a quote from The Bluest Eye to a quote from Snooki’s book—if that what’s they’re calling it—A Shore Thing. It’s one thing for youth culture to put Snooki on a pedestal, but it’s an entirely different thing for an institute of higher education to do the same. That is an unforgivably damning message to send to students: one of utter defeat.

Watch Cooper’s attack after the jump:


The New York Times

As Oprah bids farewell to daytime television, the silver fox himself is ready to fill in her shoes. Anderson Cooper, host of CNN’s AC360°, signed a deal with Telepictures Productions and Warner Bros. to host a syndicated daytime talk show. The program is set to launch in fall 2011 after it is picked up by a network.

Commenting on his latest venture Cooper said, “With this new program I hope to relay important information and relate to people and the audience in a completely different way. It’s an exciting opportunity to show another side of myself and create something worthwhile and special in daytime.”

While I’ve always been a big fan of Anderson’s work and personally feel that he’s one of the best journalists in the business, I’m a little concerned about this new show. It’s set to have an entertainment and pop culture focus, which strays away from the hard news we’re used to hearing him cover.

I’m not sure I’d be comfortable watching Anderson try to analyze the inner-workings of Jersey Shore. I’d much rather see him working the hell out of that sexy black T-shirt with his partner in crime Dr. Sanjay Gupta. At least I can sleep easier knowing that he does plan to continue hosting AC°360 along with this new daytime show.

~Dee Lockett