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 “X Factor” auditions came to a close Wednesday night.  The show ended its search for the next worldwide sensation in Newark, NJ, as well as an unnamed town on the West Coast.  This music discovery show is the backstabbing friend of the television crowd.  Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, both former “American Idol”  judges, are two out of the four judges on the panel for “X Factor”.  So what, they get sick of American Idol, ratings drop, and then they screw over Randy and Fox and go make their own show?  That seems a little harsh.

Despite these inner conflicts, the show has provided remarkable talent.  One of the main differences between “Idol” and “X Factor,” is the age requirement.  “X Factor” has set its minimum age requirement at 13-years-old with no maximum age limit, whereas “American Idol” has an age limit of 15 – 28.  The 13-year-old age requirement has proven to pay off for “X Factor”.  Rachel Crow, 13, has come out of the auditions as one of the front-runners and favorites in the competition.  She won the judges over with her performance of “Mercy”, by Duffy.


Simon Cowell’s enormously successful competition show X-Factor is finally making the jump from across the pond to the United States. Auditions for the first season of the U.S. X-Factor began in Los Angeles on Monday, drawing nearly 15,000 hopefuls from all over the country.

The show differs from its American Idol counterpart in that it showcases group as well as individual talent, making it something of a rare breed in what many American’s expect from a singing competition. Instead of being judged by a panel of industry professionals, contestants on X-Factor are mentored one-on-one with the judges on the makings of pop stardom. This is the show that is responsible for launching the successful career of Leona Lewis.  This show is a refreshing change to the monotonous success of American Idol, and I think it will be around for years to come.

The show is the brainchild of Simon Cowell, and it is widely rumored that Cowell left American Idol to pursue the US version of X-Factor. The UK version of the show included Sharon Osbourne, Cheryl Cole, and Louis Walsh as judges, setting a brash and ultimately energetic tone for the show to continue its global dominance. As Cowell said in a March 14 interview, “The ‘X-Factor’ refers to that special spark that a performer uses to light up the stage. It’s the thing that is missing in many parts of the industry right now, so this show is about finding people who understand how to bring that back.”

-Nick Deyo

What started as some ridiculous and unfortunate song used in a tryout on the new season of American Idol (insert groan here) from someone calling himself “The General” has turned into a full blown national obsession.  Think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” YouTube impersonations, only not nearly as entertaining or worth the time of day. 

Watch “The General” do his thing here.

First, NFL quarterback and professional waffle maker, Brett Favre, performed his take of the “song” after a playoff win in the team locker room(more…)