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It was announced this past April that “American Idiot,” the Green Day musical based off the album of the same name was going to be adapted to the big screen. The show about suburban youths finding their way in the post-9/11 world is good, but I was skeptical of this decision after an underwhelming performance at the Tony’s and a rather short Broadway run–the show closed on April 24.

As a side note, does it make any sense that it has taken over 25 years for a “Les Miserables” movie to be made, but it only takes “American Idiot” two years? But after hearing Green Day’s latest thoughts on the casting, I’ve lost hope.

According to celebrity blogger extraordinaire, Perez Hilton, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day frontman) thinks “Twilight star” Robert Pattinson would be a good choice to star the film. “I’m gonna say that kid in ‘Twilight.’ He’s a good actor. There’s still more to come with that kid.”


There’s something happening at the St. James Theater and this time it has nothing to do with American Idiot. (Though while we’re on the subject, let’s congratulate SU’s own Sean Michael Murray for recently making his Broadway Debut in this show that you all know I love, which unfortunately is closing at the end of this month.) (more…)

“Grammy” and “Green Day” seem to be two phrases (or…a word and a phrase, rather) that seem to really go together these days, and not just because of the alliteration.

Last night, Billie Joe Armstrong (who is currently rocking the role of St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway) took home a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. This marks the 5th Grammy in his collection which also include 21st Century Breakdown for Best Rock Album 2009,  Boulevard of Broken Dreams for Record of the Year 2005,  American Idiot (the album, not the new Broadway musical, obviously) for Best Rock Album 2004, and Dookie for Best Alternative Music Performance 1994. (Wow, that’s crazy to think that one of my current favorite bands was already winning awards when I was five years old!)

Although Green Day was not up for an award a year ago, they did a pretty kickass performance of  21 Guns featuring the cast of the Broadway show (which did not include BJA at the time.)

In case you’ve forgotten or missed it:



I mentioned last week that if you’re lucky you can catch Billie Joe Armstrong stopping by American Idiot. But now for a week you are guaranteed to see him because he’s going to be IN THE SHOW. (Hint: this is unusual and a very big deal.)

BJA will be making his Broadway debut in the role of St. Jimmy, the campy goth heroine dealer who the main character, Johnny, bumps into (sort of… you’ll have to see the show to know what I mean by that) during his journey in the city. He is performing Tuesday, Sept. 28 – Sunday, October 3.

Obviously Armstrong knows the words because he kind of wrote them, but can he act the part? I personally think he’ll be awesome, although the two people I’ve seen in the role (Tony Vincent and his understudy Joshua Kobak) have been mind-blowingly fantastic, and to be honest, downright creepy.

~Amelia Bienstock

Tired of Syracuse? Head over to Jingletown and enroll at Idiot U, the unfortunately titled interview series held between the cast of American Idiot (the newish rock musical brought to you by Green Day) and lucky ticket holders.

The events were attended by Green Day’s lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong (how we adore his tastefully applied guyliner), director Michael Mayer, and much of the cast and creative team.

Watch John Gallagher Jr. — American Idiot star and Tony winner for his performance in Spring Awakening — explain how he and Billie Joe are, in fact, different people:

Sad you missed it? Me too — apparently Billie Joe called an audience member a cunt for asking something stupid. But that’s not the only reason. American Idiot is still running: get tickets.

For some more inspiration to road trip to New York, Green Day stops by the show whenever they’re in town. Make the middle-schooler in you scream and giggle (internally, of course). No comment on what I did or didn’t do when this photo was taken…

Amelia and Billie-Joe!

~ Amelia Bienstock