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Remember when Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark  was supposed to open on

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Broadway last month? Yeah, we know, it’s hard to keep track of all these extensions. So although it’s not really the protocol to review a show before it opens, we couldn’t wait a whole lot longer. So we moseyed on down to the Foxwoods Theater taking what we were about to see with a grain of salt and taking down an overpriced rum and coke before enduring Julie Taymor’s hot mess express that we’ve been hearing so much about. The consensus? Let’s start with the bad. The music was laughable (as in, laughing at, not with.). Good thing the show is taking a three-week pause and Bono and The Edge are rewriting that god-awful score.  In addition there were large gaping plot holes and characters that we thought were important kind of just fell off the scene. (Too soon for a falling joke?) Oh and of course there was a technical difficulty. We would have been disappointed if there wasn’t. But hey, the special effects were off the charts. If this show ever actually opens it will for sure win the Tony Award for “Best Set Design.” But let me tell you, that is a major “if.”

Check out the preview of the Broadway show for yourself here.

— Amelia Bienstock

It feels as though the past year or so has just been full of every good show closing. When I went home for winter break the only shows I had any interest in were ones that I had already seen. Even over spring break, my only venture into Times Square involved seeing the epic fail that is Spiderman (more on that another day.)

But now there are a whole bunch of kickass revivals and new plays and musicals coloring my favorite place in New York City. It’s going to be a theatre-filled summer. Here are 10 (count ‘em, 10) shows that I’m looking forward to seeing post grad in May. (Besides HAIR of course.) (more…)

There’s something happening at the St. James Theater and this time it has nothing to do with American Idiot. (Though while we’re on the subject, let’s congratulate SU’s own Sean Michael Murray for recently making his Broadway Debut in this show that you all know I love, which unfortunately is closing at the end of this month.) (more…)

No Day but July 14th

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So, color me skeptic but RENT is returning to Times Square… this time though it will be off-Broadway at New World Stages (joining it’s buddy who also recently went from on to off, Avenue Q.) Apparently the producers (same as the 1996 original ones) are reconceptualizing the whole thing.
Being the token die-hard RENT fan amongst many groups of friends I have constantly been asked what I think of this upcoming production. My answer is [drum roll please] I don’t know. RENT closing was tough for me along with anyone else who was part of that little sub-culture that spent many-a-weekend on 41st street at the Nederlander Theater between 1996 and 2008. Three years just seems like a little soon to re-open the show. I love that they’re getting fresh faces into the production (I plan on auditioning because well, why not?) and I love that RENT will be available to go see whenever I need it (and let’s be real here, RENT is totally a drug—but a good drug.) . I don’t think I’m alone though in my suspicious that this is another producer-endorsed-money-guzzling-scheme.
Was that a little harsh? Sorry, it’s seems like the past half-decade has been RENT this, RENT that. Maybe it would be more powerful if it re-opened for a younger generation who didn’t have the opportunity to see the show the first time around instead of packing this poor off-Broadway theatre with crazy born-again RENTheads who wear Angel costumes to the show and moo before Maureen even asks them too!

– Amelia Bienstock

Tweets we love

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Apparently February 18th was Arts Advocacy Day on twitter…

Here are some of our favorite tweets with the #artsadvoc hashtag. Comment on this post with why YOU support the arts!


Lysistrata Review

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Well… that was definitely an experience.

I think the biggest flaw of this production was that I went in knowing nothing but the premise and left knowing nothing but the premise. I actually no clue about what just happened in that theatre. If you do see it, don’t be fooled to think you’re stupid. You are not alone.


Lysistrada, SU drama department's next show

Coming up this week at SU Drama…


Opens: February 18 Closes: February 27

The Storch Theatre at the Syracuse Stage

Written by Aristophanes (c. 448-385 B.C.), Lysistrata is the original anti-war story. It is the story of the women of Athens who, during a time of war, create a scheme to bring their men home. Their plan is to withhold sex from their husbands until they agree to stop fighting, and hilarity ensues. The cast of 22 (mostly junior) drama majors looks promising.

Tickets are $18 for adults, and $16 for students and seniors.

$8 rush tickets are available at the door, one hour before curtain.

Wednesday, Feb. 23 is Pay What You Can Night for students with a valid SUID.

For tickets and more information, contact the Department of Drama Box Office at 315-443-3275 or at

“Grammy” and “Green Day” seem to be two phrases (or…a word and a phrase, rather) that seem to really go together these days, and not just because of the alliteration.

Last night, Billie Joe Armstrong (who is currently rocking the role of St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway) took home a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. This marks the 5th Grammy in his collection which also include 21st Century Breakdown for Best Rock Album 2009,  Boulevard of Broken Dreams for Record of the Year 2005,  American Idiot (the album, not the new Broadway musical, obviously) for Best Rock Album 2004, and Dookie for Best Alternative Music Performance 1994. (Wow, that’s crazy to think that one of my current favorite bands was already winning awards when I was five years old!)

Although Green Day was not up for an award a year ago, they did a pretty kickass performance of  21 Guns featuring the cast of the Broadway show (which did not include BJA at the time.)

In case you’ve forgotten or missed it:



Amelia Bienstock, Glitz blogger

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Hometown: New York City, Center of the Universe (See what I did there? That was a RENT reference.)

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I’m going to start by saying that if you have never seen RENT (on stage that is, the Chris Columbus 2006 movie version does not count) run, don’t walk, or at least take the connective corridor to the Syracuse Stage and get tickets to see it. It’s selling out fast and it’s something anyone who has at least some interest in the theatre should see at least once. If you have been living under a straight, white, measure-your-life-in-love-less rock since 1996 and haven’t heard of RENT, do yourself a favor and learn about it here. (more…)