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It’s an excuse women have used to avoid sex ever since human beings have been able to form words.

You’re relaxing in bed and your significant other looks over at you with those come-hither eyes. But you’re just not feeling it tonight. Your retainers are in, your hair is pulled back into the messiest of buns, and you’ve already resigned yourself to wearing that ratty nightshirt and granny panties.

But since you don’t feel like explaining to him that sometimes women just don’t feel attractive enough to do the deed, you think up something that can’t be argued with: the presence of a headache.

Did you know, however, that having sex can actually cause headaches? According to the Mayo Clinic, sex headaches or can be described as two different things. It can either be a dull ache in a person’s head and neck as their arousal level increases, or a sudden, severe headache right before–or during–liftoff.

So, what causes this unpleasantness during what should be a rather pleasurable experience? The health experts at believe that there are three main causes of sex headaches.


Unlike almost every other woman I know, I don’t crave chocolate. Sure, I’ll eat the occasional Reese’s peanut butter cup, and if an Almond Joy candy bar magically appears in front of me, I’m not going to throw it away. But, sweets just aren’t my thing.

When I have a craving, it’s usually for something salty. (If you leave me unattended with a bag of Tostitos and some guacamole, I’ll most likely end up in a food coma.) So, why is it that some people crave one thing while others crave something else?

According to a recent article on the Huffington Post’s website, those cravings aren’t only based on your taste in food, but also stem from a person’s emotional state. Whether it’s a craving for sweet, salty, creamy, spicy or greasy; your insatiable hunger for a certain type of food can say a lot about you.


Five years ago when I was in my freshman year of college, I was terrified at the thought of gaining the “freshman 15.” Weight-gain in college seemed inevitable: I was surrounded with greasy dining hall food, well-stocked vending machines and copious amounts of alcohol at every turn of the head.

Miraculously, my weight didn’t skyrocket during my freshman year. Naively, I assumed that it was due to my self-control (refusing dining hall burgers and fries on a daily basis is no small feat). But a recent study provides a counter-argument for my self-praise. According to, the freshman 15 is really more like the freshman 5.

What’s more, freshman weight-gain may not be college-related, but more a result of becoming a young adult. A recent article by NPR highlights the reasons why many people put on the pounds as they get older. Aging causes muscles to break down, which in turn causes calories to be burned at a slower rate. (Just one more thing to look forward to, right?)


Before you say anything, I am well aware of my age. Yes, I am a 23-year-old girl who will forever have a soft spot for the Wonderful World of Disney. So maybe those innocent princesses aren’t necessarily on the forefront of feminism, and maybe there are supposed hidden sexual messages in each film my pal Walt created. (You people searching for those are sick, by the way. Not everything has to have sexual undertones!) But nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever change my fondness for those lovable characters.

That being said, check out this blog. The name is pretty self-explanatory: people with way too much time on their hands use the magic that is Photoshop to swap the faces of Disney characters. Ever wondered what Belle would look like with Gaston’s hideous mug instead of her own, and vice-versa? Wonder no more!

Although some of the face swaps are pretty terrible, (amateurs!), most of them are actually believable and kind of terrifying. Think this page won’t interest you? Give it a try, I’m willing to bet my first unborn child that you will find yourself eyes glazed over and transfixed by your computer screen, having lost a good hour or two of your life scrolling through these images. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-Amber Brenza

You just upped your workout at the gym, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. By running an extra mile on the treadmill or spending 10 more minutes on the elliptical, you clearly burned more calories than usual. So, you decide to indulge a little. But while the occasional cake pop with your Starbucks coffee as a reward for being sweaty is fine in moderation, making a habit of constantly rewarding yourself after a workout could undo any positive effects of staying at the gym longer.

Losing weight or maintaining your current weight is no small feat. (Trust me, I lost 60 pounds during my junior year of college, and keeping it off is a daily struggle). And as tempting as it may be to give yourself a reward for a good workout, you could end up putting the lost pounds back on.

According to, a blog dedicated to anything and everything a woman could possibly care about, there are five things you shouldn’t do after a workout.


Birth control: it can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies, ease those pre-menstrual pains, and clear up annoying acne. But if you were hoping it could help you pick out a man with movie star good looks and impressive sexual abilities, think again.

When not remedied by birth control, women’s hormones are all over the place, reaching their peak at menstruation.  In between fits of crying, screaming and craving something salty, women find themselves attracted to the “manliest” of men–muscles, facial hair, square jaws…you get the idea). These specific male characteristics pique a woman’s interest on the most primal of levels: breeding.

Instinctively, women often choose men with dissimilar pheromones and body structures to their own. These differences are beneficial to childbearing since two genetically different people will make a healthy baby, more often than not. Since the conception of birth control, however, women who are on the pill rely less on satisfying carnal instinct and more on finding a comfortable, long-term partner.


As women, most of us want to befriend our guy’s friends. But what happens when his friends end up liking you more than they like him?

A new study at Cornell University suggests that men who share mutual friends with their girlfriends may experience sexual problems. The study found that men who experience “betweenness,” a term for when a man’s girlfriend is closer to his friends than he is, are more likely to experience erectile dysfnction (ED).

Men who are experiencing “betweenness” feel as though their masculinity is being threatened. With their girlfriends infringing on their male territory, men feel a lack of privacy, which is a key characteristic of masculinity.

In addition to feeling emasculated, men also find themselves experiencing lower levels of attraction to their girlfriends, after regularly seeing them in an environment where they would be considered buddies instead of significant others.