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Meet Jessie J. She’s a sassy yet classy Brit rocker chick with pipes that make you want to slap a nun. She breaks the traditional “bad girl” mold of what it means to be rocker-chic in pop music, choosing instead to let her music speak for itself.

Jessie J is no stranger to the industry. A successful songwriter, this is the girl responsible for Miley’s monster smash, Party in the USA, as well as a host of other songs recorded by Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. As she prepares to launch her own career, Jessie J seems poised to take on the big dogs of the pop music scene. Her debut album, Who You Are, was released in the UK on February 25 and debuted at the #2 spot (under Adele’s still-reigning 21).

She has already in her young career shown her versatility as an artist. With her girl power anthem debut Do it Like a Dude, Jessie J makes her grand entrance into the pop music scene with a vengeance. When contrasted to her Dr. Luke-produced second single, Price Tag featuring B.o.B, Jessie J offers her ever-growing fanbase a taste of something completely different. Price Tag is far more than just another everyone-should-love-everyone song; it is honest, simple, and extremely catchy. I dare you not to feel warm and fuzzy after a few spins.

–Nick Deyo

On February 19th Kanye West released his brand new video, “All of the Lights,” featuring “the Man on the Moon” Kid Cudi and Rihanna, from his platinum-selling album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The video is as vibrant, colorful, and theatrical as the album’s 30 minute video, Runaway, but it’s very simplistic. Half of the video contains flashing words and colorful lights, similar to a light show, which seems like the obvious thing to do because of the song’s title, but I expected more from Yeezy, finding the theme too repetitive and boring.

The video begins with a little girl wandering a sidewalk alone in black-and-white. Then the light show begins: flashing words and flamboyant colors. Kanye appears on top of a police car with his foot on the siren. Rihanna gets straightforward shots in front of one big, bright light, and Cudi appears in a red jacket with his backside to the camera. Unfortunately, the piano interlude where Fergie sings is cut out of the video. But West was sure to fill in lots of lights for Alicia Keys’ solo, seeing as she was MIA.

Here’s the official video:

– Christina Jones

Christina Aguilera Candy Man

The epitome of a throwback, pop music style

To celebrate Music Monday, the editors at Jerk bring you a playlist featuring a list of contemporary songs inspired by some oldie genres. These artists have given us some updates on some tunes from all over the musical history timeline, grabbing inspiration from Louis XIV all the way up to the older brothers of the emo kids that dominated the 1980s. These songs invoke not simpler, but older times and maybe your greatest great-grandfather would have listened to a version, but in his day, they probably wouldn’t have a synthesizer. (more…)