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Introducing Spencer. If this name doesn’t sound familiar let me give you a brief synopsis of who this nickname belongs to: Dustin Zito, the Real World Las Vegas southern boy, who seems a little more than just homophobic, has a big secret that his roommates finally find out about on this weeks episode. (more…)

The “Putting on Condoms for Dummies” book will soon go dusty on the shelves when more people hear of this new,” innovative” product. Condoms. With. Handles…or strips for that matter that aid you in seamlessly putting a condom on. If you don’t believe me watch the video or check out the site, (awkward sex position animations included). Your mind will officially be blown. No more fumbling hands, awkward moments, or moments wasted with these bad boys. You tear the condom out of the package, place it on the package, and pull the strips on the sides and BAM. And you’d think simple tasks couldn’t get any easier. Soon we’ll be able to visualize that a condom is on and it’ll appear from thin air.

-Alicia Aiello

Some of us think the daily news is dry, lifeless, and overall not very entertaining but what if the reporter was naked?

The “Naked News” has 100 posts total. This site gives you news about headlines anywhere from the Japan nuclear crisis to Ford recalls. Women wearing only bikinis literally feed you news reports. And of course, for a fee you can view these reports done completely in the nude.  From the reports I watched (for reporting purposes only!) there was validity in the news I was receiving. But I doubt this holds true for the more, “naked,” reports.

I don’t know about you but staring at a half naked woman dishing the daily ditties only seems like a short leap to a man, (or woman’s), fulfilled fantasy. Check it out for yourself!

-Alicia Aiello

What would you do to have sex with your favorite celebrity? Go to all of their shows and try to hopelessly stand out for recognition? Stalk every internet space they exist on? Find out their contact information (don’t know how but I’m sure it possible) and give them a ring? Well now you don’t need to do ANY of that! You can buy your favorite celebrity from Pipedream Products in blow up doll form.

Hannah Montana starlet, and hardly 18 year old, Miley Cyrus has had a sex doll created that more than “resembles” her. And in my opinion it looks way to creepily real. I never really got the whole, blow up doll thing, although I do not have something to put in one either.

“Finally Miley, or “Mylie”, complete with “3 achy love holes” sold out in less than 48 hours of being put out on the market. You can purchase “Finally Mylie” for less than $30 on Amazon and even less on Ebay (although I wouldn’t trust how  “new” it is on there…ew). Other dolls in the “Super Star Series” include J Lo, Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson (well, duh). I think our society needs to take a chill pill. For reals.

-Alicia Aiello

Little girls’ toys are generally all targeted towards teaching them how to cook with kitchen playsets and Easy Bake Ovens. Others are things like dress up kits and vacuums (ooh so much fun to learn how to clean JUST LIKE MOMMY!) Well, there’s a new toy out on the market. Berjuan toy manufacturers took the life lesson toy creation for little girls to a whole other level by creating the “Breast Milk Baby.” This doll teaches little girls how to breastfeed…all for $89! (more…)

24-year-old therapist Sarah White, from New York City, found this method to work. White thought something was missing in classical therapy and being young and innovative, developed a new technique.

White believes that clothing represents repression and not open expression. She starts off at her sessions by being fully clothed and eventually strips down until she is almost naked. Her clients, the majority of which are males, pay closer attention and reveal more when she shows more skin (duh).

I’m not sure if I should praise or look down on this method of therapy. It seems more like a ploy to get clients and nationwide attention rather than truly tend to the needs of these people. But if it works it works, right?

-Alicia Aiello


Women will go to all extremes to maintain their firm faces and tight bodies. So why not start at age 8.

Stage mom and beautician Kerry Campbell injects Botox into her 8-year-old daughter every three months. She defends her actions by saying, “What I am doing for Britney now will help her become a star. I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer,” she says. “More mothers should do it for their daughters… I wish that I’d had the same advantages when I was younger.”

Please tell me how injecting Botox into your daughters fresh and most importantly growing skin will help her in the future. Oh but Kerry Campbell doesn’t stop there to keep her 8 year old beautified.

She also gives her daughter full body waxes and a “virgin wax” monthly to insure that she doesn’t develop pubic hair when she gets older. So basically this woman is trying to keep her daughter 8 years old forever.

I’m sure she’ll attract all the right men when she still looks 8 without a spec of body hair at 25. Britney, her daughter actually enjoys these treatments and believes these will truly help her in pageants.

“I check every night for wrinkles, when I see some I want more injections,” Britney says. “They used to hurt, but now I don’t cry that much. I also want a boob and nose job soon, so that I can be a star.”

-Alicia Aiello

I thought the age of kids getting cell phones was going down but apparently, so is the drinking age. Lashawnda Evette Allen, a mother in the Houston area of Texas was charged recently with child endangerment because her 18-month-old was found intoxicated. Yes, you read that right, 18-months-old.

The baby had a blood alcohol level of 0.09. The mother allegedly fell asleep while her two daughters, both under the age of 18 months were asleep next her. She had been drinking a Four Loko and placed it next to her only to find that when she awoke her 18 month old was suckin’ that stuff down like a tank. The baby drank the entire can of Four Loko.


So remember the intense pain you felt when you were younger and you would accidentally pinch your hand with the chip clip? Well guess what! Now you can PAY for a chip clip to purposely clip your hand! The WunderClip is this great new innovation where you basically stick a chip clip (well, it has a little more design to it) in that weird-feeling place between your thumb and pointer finger to “relieve pressure, arthritis, migraine headaches” and a whole plethora of ailments.

You want to know why you no longer have pain in other areas? Because you’ll be focused on the odd feeling of this clip on your hand.

I don’t know about you, but any time something pinches my hand or puts pressure in that awkward area, the experience is anything but pleasurable and creates pain rather than relieves it.

In case you couldn’t figure out this useless product, these are the instructions from


Looks like Gaining Gabi might have a friend or at least someone to relate to.

How would you feel if any vibration during your day triggered an orgasm? Would you enjoy it? Michelle Thompson suffers from Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. This disease causes her to crave sex wherever, whenever and orgasm multiple times a day.  Although some of the orgasms are of course pleasurable, others leave her in fits similar to epilepsy. No man has been able to take on the challenge of dating her with this disease except for her most recent boyfriend, Andrew Carr. This is his dream come true, “ I wonder if she’s faking it” (even though guys are oblivious and can never tell anyway).

– Alicia Aiello