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‘Cuse Crawl 2011 happened last Friday night. For those of you who don’t know what a bar crawl is, let me educate you a little bit.

A bar crawl (also known as a pub crawl, a bar tour, or bar-hopping), in the most simplistic terms, is an event where people visit multiple bars, all in walking distance of each other, and order a drink at each establishment.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s my standard Saturday night!” Not exactly. Do you usually receive a free cup, and win a t-shirt at the end of the night when successfully wasted? I didn’t think so.

While getting sloppy-drunk on the streets of downtown Syracuse for free stuff certainly sounds like a good time, and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news (that’s a lie, I actually kind of love it), those famed bar crawls can be extremely dangerous to your health.


Some of my friends and I used to joke during our senior year of undergrad that we’d be “classy” and not drink from any kind of plastic cup (especially Solo) once we graduated. Well, I’ve already broken that pact.One difference between then and now is I’m more willing to splurge for a higher-end alcohol. Fuck the cheap shit, and bring on the next level! I’m not trying to pull a rookie move and spill my guts (literally, like the majority of us have done at one point or another) drinking bottom-shelf during our undergrad years.

That being said, a friend of mine began compiling a list recently of new drinks she’s tried and liked. I think I’ll do the same and occasionally throw a few into these posts.


New Yorkers and Syracuse students, be on the lookout for more options in the wine aisle at Wegmans. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has approved a law that will require fewer regulations for wineries in the state. Some of the changes include less paper work, now allowing farm wineries to apply for just one annual permit. With wine sales accounting for $420 million a year, and an economic impact of $3.76 billion, wine is a big deal. Inspired by this information, check out some delicious drinks that include wine.

Since Charlie Sheen’s “winning” streak has been put to an end, Lindsay Lohan figured it was her time to shine; this time, most likely in orange. Oh wait, she has done that already hasn’t she? Yesterday morning, Lohan was sent back to court for a 10 a.m. hearing on her latest probation violation in which she failed a court-ordered alcohol test this week. Just to refresh your memory, her probation was put in place because of a 2007 DUI conviction. Aside from the pathetic aspect of it all, she was just 35 days away from finishing her house arrest sentence.

The only thing worse than having to hear about the trials of Lindsay Lohan time and time again, is having to hear all about her fashion choices while appearing in court. For some reason, the media is seriously under the impression that the topic of “what Lindsay wore to court” is worthy of discussion. They will start off by saying something very informative like “Lindsay is in court again today for…’ followed by something like this:


For all of you anonymous alcoholics out there, not willing to attend group meetings yet, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Wine in a can. Alcoholic toothpaste. Vodka infused whip cream. And thatʼs only the start.

The past few years have brought on a wave of new alcoholic products, but not in a conventional form. Gone are the days of red wine in a glass bottle. Be on the lookout next time you go in your fridge to grab a can of soda, you may just be grabbing a can of wine by mistake. For around the same price as your Starbuckʼs latte, Barokes sells these peculiar servings of wine. While at a barbecue this summer, forget cans of soda and beer, keep it classy with a little red or white wine. (more…)

Mommy would approve.

Did you ever think that you could pre-game and enjoy a piece of cake at the same time? Good news, you can! My mom first introduced this recipe to me last New Year’s Eve and it has become a friend and family favorite ever since. The original recipe comes from Duncan Hines’ website, but I’ve abridged the recipe for you here. Not everyone has time to slave over his or her oven for two hours, so take as much help as you can from the store!
Here’s what you need:
1 loaf pound cake (Freihofer)
1/2 cup Bacardi dark rum (80 proof)
With the prongs of a fork, poke the top of the pound cake at least an inch deep. Do this so that there are many holes covering the surface of the cake. Slowly pour the rum over the cake, making sure to pour it evenly over the entire loaf. The alcohol will seep in through the holes that you created and will make for a moist and delicious treat.
If you’re looking to go one step further, you can make the same glaze found in the recipe as a finishing touch for your no-bake alcohol cake!
This recipe is great for any weekend get-together, or even as a “pick-me-up” after midterms week. No need to raise your glass—it’s all in the cake!
Original recipe here

By Jon Gregalis

Tampon String

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  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Cherry liqueur
  • 1 ½ oz whipped cream
  • 1 cherry

Hearing the title of this shot made me want to vomit all over the place. Trust me, I understand your concern, but don’t judge a book by its cover! This simple and easy shot is rising in popularity and can easily be prepared by even the most inexperienced bartender. and both have given this recipe a very high rating, meaning someone out there thinks it is delicious.


Grab yourself some vodka for the weekend, and a little bit of cherry liqueur. While at the grocery store, grab some cherries and a can of whipped cream (which can serve other purposes if you are creative enough). These ingredients are affordable, even for us broke-ass college students.
Now that you have the tools for a not-so-memorable evening, you can prepare your shot for party guests and friends. Layer the vodka and cherry liqueur, and then add the whipped cream, and cherry on top (lick it don’t stop). Then take the shot by engulfing the whole thing and swallowing everything except the cherry. Finally, pull the stem of the cherry out and there you have it, you’ve just experienced the tampon string.

– Tori Ipacs

In America we have Super Bowl Sunday. In England they have the Oxford versus Cambridge boat race.

A tradition since 1829, once a year the rowing teams from Oxford University and Cambridge University meet on The Thames River one Sunday in March to race. I attended this race on March 29. You might think that an event that that draws up to 250,000 spectators drinking alcohol left and right would be fun. However, this event is the opposite of fun, it was downright boring.

Cambridge takes a lead on Oxford. They're just as bored with the race as I was.

Cambridge takes a lead on Oxford. They're just as bored with the race as I was.

I heard that the royalty attended this event, that woman wear big hats (think Kentucky Derby head gear) and fancy dresses. However, all I saw were men dressed in their preppiest attire (collared shirts, v-neck sweaters and blazers), while women wore anything from casual dresses to sweat pants. But the biggest letdown had to be that Prince William was nowhere in sight. (more…)

Saranac showing its SU pride in the brewery gift shop

Saranac showing its SU pride in the brewery gift shop

Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY, was one of the first microbreweries to open in the United States. Also known as the Matt Brewing Company after the family who founded the brewery in 1888 and still run it today, this historical gem is responsible for quite a few other firsts in the beer world as well (which your tour guide will be more than happy to point out). (more…)