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His name is Dave Hockey. He’s a filmmaker from Canada. He wanted to make a documentary. While conducting research for it, he met and fell for one of the documentary’s subjects. Her name is Bianca. She’s a doll. No, really, she is an actual doll.

Hockey wanted to explore the world of adult dolls, and so he delved into the community for a first-hand experience. He figured the best way to penetrate the oft-misunderstood world of doll companionship would be to get himself a silicone-filled friend. What he didn’t anticipate was how attached he would get to the lovely Bianca.  They have gone on several road trips together, and have had what I imagine to be many animated and lively conversations. I wish the two the best of luck in their relationship. As Hockey says, “Dolls can fill a void in people’s lives.” I hope she is filling his voids for he is certainly filling hers.