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Adele’s New Hit to Be James Bond Theme

Posted: October 14, 2012 by jerkmagblog in BLARE -- music
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With the latest James Bond movie coming to theatres November 9th, you better believe that not only will it be amazing, but so will it’s soundtrack; more specifically: it’s theme song. Titled just like the movie, Adele’s “Skyfall,” is her new musical track to gain some major popularity within the beginning weeks of its debut.

With her soulful and sultry voice, complimenting the ever-mysterious aspects of the movie, the song easily finds its way to the top singles list.

Like all other James Bond musical themes, Skyfall has all the requirements necessary for the kick-ass movie. Heavy orchestral instruments, smooth transitions, and most importantly: the feeling of danger.

Adele was a little bit hesitant to take her twist to the new James Bond song due to the immense pressure and world-wide fan craze the movie has. Yet, she does a perfect job of achieving all expectations of a James Bond film track. You can listen to it here. Repeat if you have to, I know I did.

– Sophia Kim

For most of you it probably seems that I talk way too excessively about Spotify, but this is a huge breakthrough in the music industry.  For once, complete, organized and easy streaming of music is free.  It is also extremely fast to add new music.  Albums are added to Spotify if not the day of, the day after they are released.

For a premium subscriber like me, I get access to these songs with no ads, commercials and on my mobile phone.  I take Spotify to the gym with me, on the walk to classes, everywhere.  I haven’t bought more than three songs on iTunes since the program came to the U.S. in July.  One of those three songs was “Someone Like You” by Adele.

Adele is one of the few artists who has been boycotting Spotify and not releasing their new albums on the program. Coldplay is also on that list. Their new album “Mylo Xyloto” will not be streamed on Spotify, at least not anytime soon. The reason for this? No one will come out and say it straight, but it defiantly seems like a financial issue. When millions of listeners can stream new albums on the day of the release on Spotify that eliminates millions of purchasers that would be buying the album that day. It’s apparent that albums not being released on Spotify are selling better than those on the program. Adele’s album “21” recently broke worldwide record sales and Coldplay’s latest album is on it’s way up there.

It’ll be interesting to see if other bands start to catch on to this trend.  Indeed, Spotify is a free service to basic members, but these users have to face the burden of only accessing their music on their computer and with commercial interruptions.  By paying the $10 premium fee and paying your dues to the artists and their work, you get unlimited streaming anywhere from your mobile phone, the ability to take your playlists with you, no commercial interruptions and more.

-Hayley Isaacson

After being featured as XXL’s “Show & Prove” artist, signing to Bad Boy Records, and calling himself the “white boy that bodied Black Entertainment Television” while rapping in a2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, Machine Gun Kelly has released his latest mixtape entitled “Rage Pack.”

At first listen you may be tempted to skip a few tracks or to turn their iPod off entirely, but with a little bit of patience you’ll be surprised to find a few diamonds in the rough that is the mixtape’s tracklist. It begins with the track “STFU,” which sets the tone of the entire tape as one that carries a strong aversion to mainstream media. Another extremely unique aspect of the musical composition of the track is that it samples the Go-Go’s “We got the Beat.”


Nicki Minaj and Pitbull announced the 2011 American Music Award nominees  on Tuesday afternoon.  The American Music Awards will air on ABC November 20, and the results are in YOUR hands.  So, I’m a bit confused.  This is the American music awards, right?  Yet Adele, hailing from London, tops the charts with four nominations.  Come on, America! We can’t even win our own awards?

All jokes aside, it looks like this year is going to be a battle between old favorite Lady Gaga and newcomer Adele.  Although I use the term “old”  loosely, because it was only 2009 when she was up for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and she didn’t even win.  That was a shocking night when Gloriana, a small country band, took home the trophy for that award.

Artist’s up for the New Artist of the Year award this year include Foster the People, Hot Chelle Rae, The Band Perry, Thompson Square, Marsha Ambrosius, Miguel, LMFAO, and Wiz Khalifa.  Even though there are eight nominees now, the list will get cut to four before the night of the awards through pre-show voting.

The major award of the night goes to Artist of the Year.  Joining Gaga and Adele in the running are Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, and Taylor Swift.  All other three nominees are up for other awards as well.  In my opinion, the show is not about the awards, but about the performances.  So make sure to tune in and watch Lady Gaga hang from the ceiling, Britney kiss Madonna, and Kayne cut off Taylor Swift…or, you know, something along those lines.

Here is New Artist of the Year Nominee Foster the People’s chart topping single, “Pumped Up Kicks” remixed by Vaski.

-Hayley Isaacson

As Americans, when something goes wrong in the world, everyone tends to only think about themselves and how they are affected.  Take Adele canceling her US tour on Tuesday for the second time this year.  Of course, Adele is personally doing this to ruin our lives.  Duh.

Obviously, that is not the case.  But it does seem a bit concerning that Adele has had to face show cancellations–something artists go to as their very last resort–more than once.  According to Billboard, “Adele’s doctors diagnosed her with a vocal cord hemorrhage, as she experienced earlier this year, and they have advised her that she will need an extended period of rest in order to fully recuperate.”


Adele, Florence and the Machine, Jessie J, and now Ellie Goulding.  Combine Elton John covers with Bassnectar remixes, and you’re bound to get people talking.

Ellie Goulding, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Hereford, England is the newest face to the British music scene.  Goulding took Europe by storm with her debut album “Lights,” and it proved to become the largest and quickest selling debut album of 2010 in Britain.

Ellie is now slowly but surely making a name for herself in the United States.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Pairing her folk roots with modern day techno and dubstup influences, Goulding has connected two of the most contrasting genres in the industry today.


It seems in our modern musical era, an artist’s longevity is ruled less by genuine talent and more by commercialized production. Artists are no longer relevant based on how many records they sell or even how many arenas they fill, but rather how many stops they can pull to remain on top. It’s fair to say, perhaps, that “relevancy” in the music industry no longer exists. (more…)