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ABC has finally set the date for the premiere of the new season of the “Bachelor.” The madness beings again for the sixteenth time on January 2. Let’s be honest, last season of the “Bachelorette” was less than thrilling. I think everyone can agree that although they loved J.P. (what a cutie), Ashley was painfully annoying. Apparently, things are working out well for them and they’re shockingly still together living in a NYC apartment. Bentley did add some comic relief, but most of the dates were just plain awkward and left Ashley in tears, again.

This season, “The Bachelor” promises to be better and I believe it because from the start of Ashley’s journey, I always loved Ben F. I, like most fans, want him to find love and can’t wait to see who he chooses. We can only hope Ben doesn’t take any of his suitors on dumb dates like a flash mob or kite making.

Ben is also very excited for this season. According to AOLTV, he has claimed to be in love only three times (one of them was unfortunately with Ashley). The season premiere will be two hours long–obviously overdone with too many interviews and fake tears. I can’t wait to see who the new cast is. But if all else fails, Ben, I’ll be your girlfriend!

-Becca Spector

Charlie Sheen to Appear on 20/20

Posted: March 1, 2011 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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This will be the interview of the year, maybe even the decade. ABC has won the rights to an exclusive one-hour interview with Charlie Sheen which has already been taped. It will be the first televised interview since Sheen’s meltdown on several radio stations and TMZ. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard his infamous rant.


For those who have been living under a rock (or maybe choosing to ignore the hype) for the past few days, the final season of “Lost” premiered Tuesday night on ABC. 

I feel like I’m stranded on my own deserted island.  All these people are talking, writing, emailing, twittering, you name it about the season premiere.  Any show that inspires people to post video responses to Youtube within minutes, must be good, right?

So in the name of my shame, here are three shows I wish I watched.