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Now that’s a pretty La-Z, boy…

Posted: November 2, 2009 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized
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La-Z Boy chair: requirement for all men ages 40+.Imagine: it’s late, you’re coming home from the bars and you’ve had a lot to drink, so what do you do? Walk? No. Call a cab? No. The only logical thing to do would be to drive your La-Z-Boy home, of course!

Sounds crazy, but believe it or not Dennis LeRoy Anderson, a 62 year old man from Minnesota, did just that. After having eight or nine beers back in August 2008 he left the bar in his powered La-Z-Boy and attempted to drive himself home. Unfortunately, on his way he crashed into a parked car.

I’m surprised he made it anywhere with a blood alcohol level of 0.29, which is over three times the legal limit. Anderson was not hurt during the accident and he turned himself in, pleading guilty to a DWI during his trial on Friday.

While this situation sucks, the chair on the other hand sounds awesome. It is a recliner that has a stereo and cup holders and it is powered by a converted lawnmower. Is this what 60-year-olds do in their retirement? Do we work our asses off for years so that one day we can say, “I’m bored today, and I’m old, I think I’m going to make my chair have a motor so I can go wherever I want,” and then actually ride it to a bar?

All I can say is, wow. Mr. Anderson, at 62 I admire you for your inventiveness, but your judgment on the other hand is seriously slipping. It is also a little too late for you to be trying to relive your youth by having a middle aged crisis, which should have probably taken place about 10 years ago.

Anderson received 2 years probation for his actions. Hopefully he will behave better next time and will have the common sense to do what all other people his age do, which does not include acting like a college frat boy.

~Brooke Belke