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I came across this gem the other night while randomly googling things. From what I gathered Red Giant, a company that creates video effects suites and tools, made this to show off their stuff and it’s pretty impressive – obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t be our video of the week.


Whether he is falling out of buildings or casting spells, Alan Rickman has a way of making everything he does overly dramatic and simply amazing – especially fixing a proper cup of tea. Apparently there’s a whole movement on Vimeo of stars doing mundane tasks in super slow motion and people like it – personally, I was on the fence until I came across this bad boy.

Sure, it’s 8 minutes. A long time by internet standards, but hang tight and watch it through. Alan Rickman is the man, even in slow motion.



Posted: May 6, 2012 by jerkmag in VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Man, I felt bad laughing at this… Then I read the dude was okay, so that makes it ok… Right?

Editors Note: We need a foam sword fight next semester, because that sounds awesome. Perhaps we will fend off the zombies after the zombie march in October… Knights versus Zombies… Yes.

-Charlie Ecenbarger

Two guys dressed up as Wario and Waluigi (antagonists from the Super Mario Brothers series) painting a mural in stop motion with some sweet self produced tunes? Yes please.

Video of the Week – NINJA BEAR

Posted: March 6, 2012 by jerkmag in VIDEO OF THE WEEK

You would think that this isn’t something that happens too often… Well, wrong. Apparently bears are Bo Staff champions and there’s a bunch of videos to prove it. Just type “ninja bear” into YouTube and have a look for yourself.

Careful though, it’s a YouTube hole and you’ll be lost for hours watching funny animal videos.

-Charlie Ecenbarger

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The title says it all. But wait–there’s more!

-Nadjma Sako

Carousel Mall made headlines on Black Friday after a girlfight ensued during the midnight opening of Victoria’s Secret. Neither I nor my co-workers know exactly what caused the fight, but it has definitely made for a quality YouTube video. So thank you, to whoever it was that happened to be the innocent bystander to the atrocity that you see here in this video.

This further proves my point that Black Friday is not only worthless, but is a fight just waiting to happen. There is so much tension, chaos and competition to be the first one in the stores that Black Friday has even proven to be life-threatening. It’s not just Wal-Mart dealing with the crazies anymore. The Black Friday dangers have carried into your local lingerie store. But really, all this for a $5 for $26 panties deal? Ladies, come on now.

Our “sales” lasted the entire day long. There was no reason for the mile-long line that wrapped around the mall of shoppers looking to get into our store, or any store. (Unless it happened to be called Best Buy because then it would be understandable.)

Here is both my suggestion, and future business plan:  I will take part in next year’s Black Friday as a consumer, rather than an associate. I will wait in line starting two days beforehand. I will be one of the first people in line, waiting for that shiny new plasma screen TV. Then, just as the store is about to open, I will sell my spot to the highest bidder. Or, just get the damn TV and take a hammer to it in front of everyone.

-Julia Fuino

I am by NO MEANS a fan of Call of Duty, but this new commercial for Modern Warfare 3 featuring Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard is really clever.  Also, isn’t it ridiculous how much weight Jonah Hill has lost?  Good for him! Check out the commercial and express what your thoughts in the comments below.

-Mike Thal

This is the newly released music video for Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” off her Grammy-nominated hit album “Teenage Dream.” I’ve been keeping track of the men featured in Katy’s videos who meet an untimely death–there have been two so far. (See: “Thinking of You,” which is my all-time favorite.) This time it’s Mexican heartthrob, Diego Luna, that gets the honor. Because let’s face it: the only way Katy would lose a man is by way of his demise.

-Amber Brenza

Just a man, his camera and his city.

-Dee Lockett