Looking Good While Working Out

Posted: January 29, 2013 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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procrastinationWith February 1st swiftly approaching just a month after New Year’s Resolutions were made, we all need a little motivation for hitting the gym.  I know I’m not the only one who made “getting fit” their resolution, so I’m going to at least give you some ideas on what to wear, so that you can have the best work out possible.  Let’s first start with the shoes.  My suggestion is Nike’s Flyknit Racer or Nike’s Flyknit Trainer+.  The shoes were originally worn by the first, second, and third place athletes of the Men’s Marathon at the 2011 World Championships. (So they have to be good, right?)  Nike then made them available to the public in the fall.  They are the lightest sneakers Nike has ever made, which is good for flexibility. At $150, they are a little pricy, but surely worth it if you are serious about getting fit.  Obviously in Syracuse in the winter, you can no longer wear shorts, so pants or capris are the way to go.  My favorite workout pant is Gapfit’s gflex version.  They are a lot cheaper than other brands and absorb moisture to keep you dry.  Lastly, of course you can always wear a t-shirt of your favorite sports team, but if not, try Lululemon ‘No Limits Tank.’  I love the colors, and the fit is great for movement.  So get started! No excuses!  While it might burn and leave you sore, working out makes you look good naked… and clothed. But, mostly naked.

– Lauren Levine

  1. Matt Pierre says:

    A very interesting article. I have those Nike shoes and they are the bomb! Not only are they super lightweight and enable me to be the fastest person on the treadmill, but they’re color is so vibrant that all of the ladies notice me, haha! Additionally, you should mention that under no circumstance should one wear those “toe shoes”. They are the worst and are a huge fashion nightmare!

  2. Kevin Vehring says:

    I agree with Matt. I also have those shoes and they are super sweet! I also agree with his comment regarding those toe-shoes. If you wear them, you deserve to have you feet cut off because you look like the biggest idiot in the world!

  3. Vladimir Nakabov says:

    Does Chris Derrick wear those shoes too?

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