Plaid With A Twist

Posted: December 11, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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Plaid shirts are characteristically un-feminine, but this year, they’ve been revamped. The shirttails are now being tied at the bottom to give it a flirty twist making it look like a bow, which of course is always okay. On second thought…

Plaid has never been a feminine look. The tie at the bottom is just a way of making a shirt cover less of your body. The point of plaid is to insulate for more heat. It’s a winter fabric. If you’re supposed to look like Daisy Duke, I suggest you move South so you’re not bitter cold in that shirt. It’s an oxymoron on a mannequin.

Let’s talk about the color options too. Plaid fabrics could use some better color choices. Winter colors are dark, but mashing them all together in a checkered pattern is not acceptable. It’s like a designer throwing a bunch of colors together because they cannot pick just a few favorites to use for their collection. It’s hard to match an outfit to every color thrown together. Fashion stylists often advocate a three-peat, which is using one color in three parts of an outfit to make it appear cohesive. Plaid throws this foolproof rule out the window, just like the proper placement of a bow.

A bow typically goes in your hair or around your neck, not at your navel.

– Jenna Jacobsen

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