Weather Woes and Your Wardrobe

Posted: November 27, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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It’s hard to know what to wear when the weather decides to be a bipolar bitch. It’s even more unfortunate that this is typical for Syracuse. It mocks you for being over prepared and changes so often you’re often lost in preparation for the day. You can leave your house wearing rain boots and ten minutes later you wouldn’t have needed them at all that day. You can have it be snowing, raining and sunny all in the same day. Not only can Mother Nature not make up her mind, it’s also like she laughs at us for living here for the next four years.

You carry an umbrella around for days expecting it to rain, and the one time you don’t take it with you, it rains. It’s even more unfortunate when you leave for class in shorts and then try to find a ride home, because the temperature dropped to an unreasonable low. It gets even worse when you wear a sweatshirt and leggings only to have it warm up throughout the day, and because you got dressed in five minutes, you’re literally wearing a “sweatshirt.” It’s gross and sad, but we have all been there.

Rock those rain boots, even though it rained for ten seconds right before you left the house and not again that day. Pretend you planned it. No one needs to know Mother Nature won that battle, even if it is rather obvious. You never know, you might be the next style icon. The only rule that should be followed is: stop trying to make snow boots happen, they’re not going to happen. Seriously though, they are for snow emergencies only and are rarely pulled off in an acceptable manner. It’s the one fashion faux pas that won’t be tolerated due to Mother Nature’s inconvenient behavior.

– Jenna Jacobsen

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