Ombre: The Two Tone Hair Trend You Should Avoid

Posted: November 25, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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When I first heard the word “ombre,” I actually heard the Spanish word “hombre” and wondered why the hell a girl would call her hair “dude.” Naming hair trends is not at all like naming a car, which would be more acceptable. I mean, I’d drive an Ombre…

Unless ombre in your hair is done really well, it ends up looking like someone dipped half your head in a container of bleach on accident. This leads into the two-tone hairstyles this year. It could just by a dye-job gone wrong.

The time to experiment with your hair is in your childhood when your parents cry the first time you chop it all off, and then in middle school when you dye it with your friends and your parents cry again. By the time you’ve reached college, you need only to look professional. You take hundreds of photos a year, and you better believe that companies are judging you by your appearance. These photos can determine whether you get a job or not. Why would you jeopardize that for the latest trend in hair color? You know you’re going to regret that look when you’re older. Your body is a temple, so your hair should be held to the same standard.

In the words of Elle Woods, the rules of hair care are simple and finite:
1. Your natural color is your best look
2. Well-matched highlights or low lights add dimension
3. Go by the shape of your face for a complimentary cut
4. Avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to your hair. It only damages it in the long run, which is why you want to avoid too many dye-jobs.
5. Healthy hair is sexy hair; get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks!

– Jenna Jacobsen

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