Song of the Week: Vegas Girl

Posted: November 2, 2012 by jerkmagblog in SONG OF THE WEEK
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I’m not exactly sure how Conor Maynard knows what ‘Vegas Girls’ do in their free time, but I sure as hell don’t. In his song Vegas Girl, he sings the typical club scene boy-girl scenario style we see here in the States on any given weekend. He’ll hit the Top 40 soon enough, and people are speculating he’ll even surpass the ‘Bieber Fever.’ Only time will tell.

In November 2011, Maynard received a nomination for MTV’s Brand New for 2012 award, competing alongside Lana Del Rey and several other artists. It was announced on 31 January 2012 that Maynard had been chosen for the award, having received approximately 48% of the public vote.

Conor was brought onto the Today show a few weeks ago to sing and have a little chat with Hoda and Kathy Lee. Hoda actually first brought his music to the show in the summer with her playlist, which had Vegas Girl on it. She too, believes he’ll beat out Bieber with his good looks, charm, lyrics and English accent.

Unlike Hoda and myself, Conor doesn’t think he’s like Justin Bieber. Well who does he think his style resembles?

He sings, “I knock you down like you’re Keri. Forget your name like Rihanna. You can run the world Queen B.” All I ask is that he doesn’t try to be another Chris Brown.

-Brooke Leone

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