White After Labor Day

Posted: November 1, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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The rules have changed. Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a cliché.

Harper’s Bazaar labeled their photos from New York’s Fall Fashion Week “The White Stuff.” It should be called “white out,” which would be absolutely ideal for a themed party. The concept is simple: dress head to toe in white. It could be a jacket paired with a skirt, or even dress pants with a white button down. Pair the look off with a white hat and you could be a Q-tip for Halloween! The other suggestion is to wait for the first snowfall and then blend in to the white blanket of winter. The title is as creative as the actual outfit.

“The White Stuff” is downright impractical anywhere except the runway. If you’re going to wear an all white outfit, add some neutrals between accessories and shoes to create balance. Lastly, mix the types of fabric to create dimension using these tips: a sheer flowing top, ironed seams with dress pants, or a quilted jacket.

This look is definitely risqué, but less outrageous than the “Matrix” black leather outfit that Harper’s Bazaar had also decided was a fall essential. It’s also a wear only if you’re going to be cat-woman for Halloween type of outfit. Fashion Week, more often than not, is a one-stop shop for impractical, crazy outfits, which could also masquerade as a costume for a party.

– Jenna Jacobsen


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