Drinking Game: Channel Flipping

Posted: November 1, 2012 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV

Though I know you love your corporate/heaven and hell/80’s/toga parties, occasionally we all feel like kicking it at home, in clothes that make sense everywhere, with a group of our closest peers.  We still want to get drunk though; it is Wednesday, after all.  The solution to this is a television show based drinking game, mainly because

1) no one wants to move from where they’re sitting and 2) the TV is already on; we’re halfway there!

The conflict comes in what to watch though.  Someone yells out Game of Thrones, someone else says 30 Rock.  Another screams Jersey Shore, and you force them to leave.  But none of these shows are on right now.  Well here’s a solution to the problem: a drinking game specifically designed for when you have nothing to watch.  Based on what we all stop on when flipping the channels, this game will definitely get you wasted to the level where it’d be “awesome” to go on Chatroulette.

What You Need: “Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!” – LMFAO

The Shows:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Drink every time:

– Someone is mean to Bruce Jenner

– Kris Jenner says, “Kim!”

– The girls start a new business

– You spend an extra half hour on this show than you thought you would

Random movie on FX

– Drink for every person who saw the movie in theaters

If that only gets you tipsy:

– Drink for every washed up celebrity in the cast

The Runway part of Project Runway(the only part that we care about)

Drink for every:

– Wide-eyed, disappointed look that Heidi gives

– Outfit that is made of food/trash/plants

– Contestant who starts crying (Take two if they cry from doing well)

Sex and the City reruns

– If you’re watching it on HBO, drink for every boob you see

– If you’re not watching on HBO, drink where there should be a boob

– Drink for every one of the girls who is single by the end of the episode

House Hunters on HGTV

Drink for every comment made about

– A remodeled kitchen

– Counter space

– A back yard fit for the kids

And drink if you picked the wrong house

Any Infomercial

Drink whenever the host says “WOW!” (Twice if it’s preceded by “Sham-”)

The end of Cupcake Wars

Drink for every cupcake they make. Warning: This WILL kill you.


– Taylor Kowalski

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