Taylor Swift’s Latest Breakup/New Song

Posted: October 30, 2012 by jerkmagblog in POP - pop culture
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Well that was certainly long lived…

Just a few days after her album full of songs about her plethora of Hollywood’s exes, Red, was released, all signs pointed to Taylor having to get back to her pen and paper. Ladies and gents- she is single, yet again!

Having a total Grease moment, the former couple had their fair share of summer lovin’ on the island of Cape Cod. The couple made their very public, and PDA filled debut, back in July. They seemed inseparable, and oddly resembled another Kennedy couple, Jackie-O and JFK.

But, then it happened. On Thursday afternoon, Swift and her Kennedy boyfriend called it quits.

And so, just like Danny and Sandy, their lovely summer dreams were sadly ripped at the seams. According to sources, the split was completely amicable. However, when it comes to T-Swift, her telling songs prove that her breakups are never THAT easy.

While having your heart broken is never a fun time, there is a plus side to this one. At least, for her dedicated fans: new songs!

Are they never ever ever ever getting back together? We shall see!

– Tess Kornfeld

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